Sunday, November 03, 2002

"You're a sicko pervert."

I spent the whole weekend hanging out with my boys.


I went to the youth group praise & prayer night.
I'm always late for the EM praise & prayer (at 6:30), so I've been going to the youth group's.
Afterward, I spent the night at the Wayne Mansion Dooj's house.
I took my PS2, so we had fun playing NBA Live 2003 all night.

Dooj had to go to church for praise practice at 10.
We woke up at 11.
After practice, we played some ping pong, then went to Hometown Buffet for Paul's birthday. It's weird that he bought us lunch for his own birthday. I mean, shouldn't we be buying for him?
We then had to go shopping for food for the CCC bonfire, then a few of us split up and went to look at cell phones. After about an hour, I learned that I had put down a $400 deposit to get Verizon. My credit's gone to the toilet. I told Adrian about it and he told me that's the same amout he had to put down to get a phone. We wept together.
We went to Huntington for the bonfire. 100 people were supposed to show up. I think about 40 actually came. It was freezing. And kinda boring. Most people hung out with their own cliques, and we weren't any different.
I had locked my keys inside my car in the morning at Dooj's house, so we went back and tried to get inside somehow. Dooj's whole family came out and tried to help. (note: Dooj's dad looks hilarious in his "pajamas") Nothing worked. Thankfully, Paul's family had AAA, so we called them to help us out. The AAA guy took awhile, but he finally got the door to open. (thanks Angela!)
We spent the rest of the night playing NBA Live (again).


Jr. high praise isn't going too great... and it's all my fault. I need to take the time to be more prepared, in choosing songs, practicing them, and praying for the worship. I always end up doing everything at the last minute, and the results aren't pretty. I need to get back on track.
We "ditched" the EM service today to go to the snowboard/skate convention in Long Beach. Today was the last day, so we had to go. :)
I went to get a skateboard. Better late than never I guess.
We took Sam, the gangster fob that lives with Eric, since he was supposed to be a crazy expert at snowboards. He didn't say a single word the entire trip, I think.
It was slim pickings over there, especially for skateboards. I got a deck for $25. I also looked at the new carveboards, which are like skateboards with huge wheels, basically letting you do wicked carves and surf on the streets. The guy I talked to was really into it, and he got me really excited about the whole thing. They're kinda expensive though (around $300-400), so I'm gonna research them some more and see how it goes with skateboarding first.
Dooj and Paul got shoes. Eric ended up not getting anything since his card got declined. I guess all those Jamba Juice bets he lost finally caught up to him.
We came back to Dooj's house, had pizza, and guess what? Played NBA Live. :)

side note: Eric thinks he's cool and "underground" 'cause he knows Rufio. Pffffft. I'm sure he read about them in our Jukebox or something. I would be more impressed if he knew Fugazi or NOFX. Well now it doesn't really matter since he'll read this and pretend to know them too. :)

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