Thursday, November 14, 2002

"You gonna give me this? Huh?"

Our DSL went down yesterday.
I called them today and found out that, for some idiotic reason, they switched it back to my old number in Anaheim.
Why? WHY?!
So the guy fixed it. He was nice.


We had our small group last night.
It's been about 3 weeks since I attended small group. I missed one week 'cause that was the "bad week" and another one 'cause it was cancelled due to Kim JDSN having to go to the marriage retreat.
It felt good, getting back to the Word again. Although, we ended up talking about basketball for most of the time. Now that Seungwoo has started coming out, it's gonna be basketball, basketball, basketball.

Which reminds me...


Our small group is going to play the "old men" for Todai.
The "old men" consist of: Kareem JDSN, Surfer Jon, Marky Mark, John JDSN, Donny JDSN, Sung Sung Fung, and Jason.
According to Kim JDSN, they've been talking trash and "underestimating" us.
Well they have a good team, I think. But we still have a chance, as long as they have Mark.



So we played a couple of games after bible study.
We played 3 on 3: Kim JDSN, Seungwoo, and Ruben against Adrian, John, and me.

Totally unfair.

They won the first game, although we led most of the time, they came back at the end.
The second game had a very similar pattern. We were leading 7-5, then they came back and made it 7-9. We then turned it into 9-10. Then we got lucky and somehow won with the score of 11-10.
Adrian is crazy good. He's Van Horn.
John is... well, John. You gotta stop acting like Mark and put up "dumb" shots. Haha.

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