Thursday, November 07, 2002

"This class sucks! And blows!"

There was a mix-up yesterday regarding whether we were having our third exam today in psychology. I thought we were only doing group activity, but Lisa, Solo, and Michelle thought we were taking the test.
Actually, it was both.

I emailed our professor around 5 last night to clear up the confusion, and he replied about 4 hours later.
These are his exact words:


We have a test tomorrow and mentioned how if you emailed me I could send you the study terms. If you look at your syllabus you will find that the test is scheduled for tomorrow. We are first doing the group activity followed by the test.


Friggin' bastard. Like he ever goes by the syllabus. He did not utter a single word about the exam last week.
Anyway, I ended up not studying at all, and mostly worked on my skateboard (see previous post).

It would be really funny if I got the highest score out of all of us.


I went to Guitar Center with Dooj. I needed to get new strings for my Fender, a strap, and a tuner. I haven't changed the strings since, well, ever. I've had Helga (name of my guitar) for about 2 years now, and it's been misused and ignored for about, oh, 2 years. Joining the worship team for the revival (Broken Movement) has finally given me a chance to use her!


Anyway, we got all the stuff, and Dooj looked at few bass guitars that he's considering buying in the future. Wait 'till you see my new strap. Oh man it's awesome. It's the CRAJ.

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