Tuesday, November 26, 2002

random conversations

Humkay82 (10:35:23 PM): spidermanopoly?
Humkay82 (10:36:20 PM): ..spder....amopoly.....please?
Humkay82 (10:37:05 PM): Saturday Saturday!
Humkay82 (10:37:22 PM): minhee wants to play again..
Humkay82 (10:37:35 PM): and i want to play to
Humkay82 (10:37:38 PM): YAH
DBones80 (10:37:38 PM): you mean she wants to lose again?
DBones80 (10:37:41 PM): ohhhh
Humkay82 (10:37:44 PM): OOOOOOOOOOOOO

tinlkerbell05 (10:38:25 PM): i'm winning this time :-P
DBones80 (10:38:37 PM): sure.
tinlkerbell05 (10:39:24 PM): i'm serious ... don't do the "you mean she wants to lose again" :-P
tinlkerbell05 (10:40:55 PM): haah i hab a master plan
DBones80 (10:42:54 PM): I have three words for you
DBones80 (10:43:01 PM): Bring. It. On.
tinlkerbell05 (10:43:15 PM): haha three works for you
tinlkerbell05 (10:43:29 PM): you're. going. down
tinlkerbell05 (10:43:32 PM): :-P
DBones80 (10:43:44 PM): In. Your. Dreams.
tinlkerbell05 (10:43:56 PM): you. just. jealous
tinlkerbell05 (10:44:20 PM): :-P
DBones80 (10:44:57 PM): jealous of what?
DBones80 (10:45:05 PM): your losing streak?
tinlkerbell05 (10:45:08 PM): my. master. plan
tinlkerbell05 (10:45:14 PM): no not my losing streak
tinlkerbell05 (10:45:38 PM): my. master. plan
DBones80 (10:45:43 PM): yeah yeah
DBones80 (10:45:51 PM): master shmaster
tinlkerbell05 (10:47:22 PM): yea yea... i can tell your jealous
tinlkerbell05 (10:47:23 PM): :-)
DBones80 (10:47:41 PM): yeah. MY JEALOUS.


BiGBoYChOi18 (11:15:00 PM): no messages for me...
BiGBoYChOi18 (11:15:03 PM): so sad.....
DBones80 (11:15:07 PM): indeed.

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