Friday, November 01, 2002

I gotta post a couple of songs that remind me of her of course.

Phantom Planet - Always On My Mind

everybody in this place get up and move away
for all I care this town's already dead and empty
I'm told that I'm a victim of obsession
that's what my friends say
oh I'm a fool for having ever let her tempt me

well I turn pale when she walks by
I am lost in her eyes
she is always on my mind
she is always on my mind

she glances over but she keeps on walking down that street
all I can do is hope that she is thinking of me
if I could blink
if I could breathe
if I could get my legs to move
well this could be the day I get this girl to love me

she had turned from a sound
well I must have cried out loud
she is always on my mind
she is always on my mind

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