Saturday, November 23, 2002

"Aww. Shut up boy."

'Twas a long day.

It began at 11.
We played a basketball game between the small groups: Kim JDSN's group (us) vs. Jason's group (freshmen).
I dunno what it was, but the game turned really physical and emotions ran high, especially near the end. It was ironic since we actually prayed before the game so that those things wouldn't happen. The game was really close, but we edged out and won, 21 to 20.

After that, it was time for praise practice for the revival. (1 pm)
It was good, as it always is, but this time we showed signs of fatigue. Dustin was tired since he had just come back from San Diego. Dooj, Adrian, and I were tired from basketball. Laura and Jenny had small group right before practice. We still got a lot done. "If There's One Thing" sounds really good.

We ate dinner at IHOP.
Steak and eggs, as always.

Then we headed to Adrian's house and watched the new extended version of The Fellowship of the Ring. It's so good. I can't believe they deleted those scenes. They're important. Especially the gift-giving scene. Stupid studio-heads. They made Peter Jackson cut the scenes for length. Hello? Remember Titanic? That movie was how long? And it made how much money? And won how many Oscars?

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