Wednesday, October 16, 2002

who is this elusive HER dammit?
i have my strong suspicions, but dang it i could be wrong!

*the best way i ever woke up*

on saturday i was a very tired little girl. er... big girl.
i had been at church all day long.
then you burst into the scene with adrian after the retreat with the crazy white people.
we went into the EM sanctuary.
i was on the back back back pew and i fell asleep.
when i woke up, you were on the electric playing radiohead.
i was like: *blink blink yawn* that sounds so good.
i am awake now.
i peeked over all the pews and there was you! and there was adrian!
suddenly i was overtaken with Fan Mania. i became your duo's number one fan.
i got myself up and went to a closer pew.
then i peeked at you guys playing and i was filled with love and awe at mr. guitar and mr. drums.
i LOVE men that play instruments.
with a serious look on their face.


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