Friday, October 11, 2002

i like.
i like you. i like how you are hard on the outside. soft on the inside.
like a hard taco. like a plain m&m. like a watermelon.
i like how you are not easily impressed, unlike me.
i like how you raise your eyebrow at what i would go crazy over, but you are just wateverz.
i like how you like music. and the junior high kids.
i like how you are nice to girls secretly.
i like your sensitive blogs. i like your pissed off blogs. i like your little quotes.
i like how you like praise. and i like your prayers. you are tied with paul shin for best prayers.
i like how you showed me that boys can't talk to the girls they like either! (eye opener!)
i like!!! be my oppa!!! (hehehehehehehehehe. did i scare you with this little "poem")

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