Tuesday, October 15, 2002

I had a couple of dreams this morning.

Dream 1: I was in this fiery cavern-like place, running away from freaky monsters. Then I crossed a bridge over "melted MAG-MA" and ended up at a shopping mall. It was deserted, except for tigers. There were tigers guarding the mall!

Interpretation: I've been reading Dante's "Inferno" and that cavern definitely seemed like it could be one of those Nine Circles of Hell described in that book. And for the tigers at the mall? I watched a Simpsons episode on Sunday where Bart and Milhouse live at the mall for a week, and Chief Wiggum releases leopards to get them.

Dream 2: I was at a seaport with a lot of church people. It seemed like we just came back from a trip (Catalina?). People were packing stuff, driving their cars, getting ready to leave. Then I saw HER inside a car, with few other girls. Then someone walked by (I forgot who) and pointed at HER and said something like, "is that HER?" Then I got all embarrased and walked away.

Interpretation: Uhh... I'm getting paranoid... I think she might know. Crap.


Dijonnaise: She's the one that told me that, you freak.

Beast: It ain't that great. If you really want to go, I could ask.

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