Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Beast: My life ain't "fun filled." I didn't bother to mention how all the customers were annoying the crap out of me yesterday. It was a horrible day at work.

Jules: Okay, then what DID you do? I remember when I used to eat spam like everyday. Grams used to make it for me. Mmm...

Dijonnaise: I ain't pissed no more. All you had to say was that you were joking. We cool.


There's this guy in our philosophy class, who usually sits on our left. I think he's Chinese. His head is shaved, like how mine kinda used to be. Anyway, the thing about this guy is, he never speaks a word. And his face, no expressions. He just sits on his desk, looks down, for the whole freakin' class.
No emotions, whatsoever.
He's a freakin' machine.

Today I was looking up the terms for our test when Adrian starts laughing and tells me to look at the machine. He had a smile on his face! Faint, but it was still a smile. We both cracked up like crazy.

Adrian: "See? He smiled!"
Dan: "Hey even the Terminator can smile. He's still a machine."

Good times.

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