Saturday, September 07, 2002

"Where da hose at?!"

Dooj and I decided to go to Newport early today so we can ride the killer waves we've been hearing about.

The original plan: meet Dooj at his house at 5:30 am (!) and carpool to Newport. Maybe even do QT.

I stayed up all night drinking vanilla Coke and playing Battlefield 1942 with John. (Adrian you bum, you ditched us.) Then at 5:30 in the morning I went to Dooj's house. I don't think he was awake, since no lights were on, and I didn't want to ring the doorbell and wake up his whole family, so I waited in my car. Then I fell asleep.

I woke up to the sound of my window tapping, with Dooj outside. I looked at the clock. 8 am.

Plan B: go to Newport at 8 and try to ride the killer waves, and fail miserably. Wipe out hard and nearly break my back on the last wave.

We came back home around 10, then rested a little for the next event: Laguna beach with the old young adults. (and more people)
On the way to Laguna, we accidently got on the 133 north freeway instead of south, and since it was a toll road, we had to pay. To get off, and to get back on. A whole dollar.
Laguna was pretty fun. I basically spent the whole time in the freezing water, boogie boarding. I thought my nuts were gonna fall off. Ahem.
We came back around 6, ate dinner at Rubio's, met Keisuke, went back to Dooj's house, watched Paul play Counterstrike (again), and now I'm home.

Good times.


I'm leading praise for jr. high starting tomorrow.
Poor kids.


I saw Seungho's motorcycle today.


Jules: aroo?

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