Sunday, September 15, 2002

So much drama...

Seems like a lot of people are going through drama these days.
Including me.


I'm slowly starting to get more comfortable with the jr high kids.
They're a good group.
There's this cool 7th grader, Esther, who plays guitar.
She can play Michelle Branch songs!


This thing with Apple ain't getting any better.
Actually it's getting worse.
Oh lord.


You know what's a pretty good movie?
"The Count of Monte Cristo."
Check it out.
Guzman rules!!


This week went by really fast, and I think this coming week won't be any different.
Lot of things coming up.
school: psychology test
CCC: leadership meeting, Wednesday meeting, Ignite on Thursday?
church: bowling with jr high kids, weekly praise preparation


I just finished watching "Notting Hill" on TV.
Definitive chick flick.
For some reason, I liked it.
Oh wait, I know why.

Damnity damn!


I haven't seen Dooj in awhile.
Hope you're doing okay bud.

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