Monday, September 02, 2002

"Guess who's back. Back again."

After a "long hiatus" (one week) I'm back (kinda).
I'm sure no one noticed.
We were supposed to have DSL in our new place by Friday, but I guess they're having problems with it, 'cause it ain't up.
So I'm blogging at Doojin's.


I'll be starting the praise thing for jr. high next this Sunday.
Kinda nervous.
I don't know that many kids in jr. high...


I had not one, not two, but THREE dreams about Her last week.
Three In a row.
Not the old one, the new one.
Does this mean I'm a freak?


There are so many atheists in our philosophy class.
So when Adrian went up to talk about his personal beliefs, he almost got crucified.
Good thing ze teacher Rowley was there.

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