Sunday, September 29, 2002

Dooj: "Whoa David made another shot!"
Boner: "Someone's been doing his QT's."

God answered my prayer.
Of course.
This morning.
Just in the nick of time.


Today was the 4 on 4 basketball tournamenet at church.
All the teams were made by Mark, and they were pretty balanced out.
On our team: me, Dooj, Jon, and James.

Our record: 1-3.

We still made the playoffs because 4 teams made it (there were 5 teams total), and we beat Mark's team for the last spot.
We faced Kim JDSN's team since they were the 1st seed. (it was 1 vs 4, 2 vs 3)
Of course we thought we had no chance... they had Kim JDSN! He wins every year!
Yet, somehow, we won.
James was our MVP. He kept Kim JDSN from taking over.

So we'll be playing in the CHAMPIONSHIP game next Sunday against Sung's team.

From last place to the championship.

From zeroes to heroes.

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