Monday, September 16, 2002

dearest darling mr. Daniel,

hello. thank you for accepting my impulsive hugs when i need to objectify you into The Person Who I Chose To Let My Anxiety Out On.
i choose you because you stand there like a tree and kind of wearily accept it, and make me feel like a freak, but a *special* freak, and i like that.
don't you feel special mr. *hot. young. man.*

mr. daniel: would you or would you not agree that this drama that has beset our lives is very very very disturbing.
and i know a lot about it all, so it's like watching my very own tv show with very wide eyes.
back to the disturbing part. this is all very pathetic.
especially if: in the case of me, and in your case as well, it is all in our heads and seems very hopeless.
but in the case of others, it's real and equally icky and mainly caused by those damned feelings that we call emotions.

mr. h.y.m, do you wish i would shut the hell up on your blog?
i think you do right about now. byebye!

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