Tuesday, August 20, 2002

"Why waste time learning, when ignorance is instantaneous?"

First day of school...

It was pretty crazy.
My only class for today was Philosophy, which started at 12. I left my apartment around 10:45 since parking at school is really bad the first couple of weeks. I met Adrian at the Student Center, and killed some time playing/watching arcade games. Adrian told me that Paul killed everyone in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 yesterday, and apparently one of the guys he beat was playing right there. So we waited for Paul to show up and rape that guy again, but he didn't come. We headed for class and saw Michelle already sitting down; she was trying to add the class. Then after a few minutes Paul and Solomon came in, then Lisa after that.

6 of us in one class.
Can you imagine?

I think the class will be pretty fun, even the teacher is really cool and funny. I remember he was talking about the textbook and how the book companies (publishers) "rape" us with extremely high prices. No one really laughed except me, Adrian, and Paul. I dunno, it was just really funny to us.

After class, we went to get books, then came back to school and ate lunch. Adrian wanted us to attend the CCC meeting at 3, so we killed about an hour in the arcade (again).

CCC... this is not something I really planned on joining. I've never really thought about joining a campus ministry, because I thought church would be enough for me. Adrian told me a little about CCC, and he said that their focus is on sharing the gospel. Outreach is not something I really want to be a part of right now, I mean, I want to focus on myself first. Me, learning more about God. Me, loving God more. Me, growing.

So I decided to go to the meeting, just to see what it would be like, meet their leader, stuff like that.

We met in the cafe area behind the Student Center. There was the 5 of us, Brent the "leader", and 2 girls, Gretchen and Jae, 8 of us total.

First I thought, "this is it?"

We introduced ourselves, then shared a little about our experiences and expectations of the group, and Brent told us about the ministry and its goals. Then he went on to explain what we'll be doing and what our roles would be as leaders.

Wait, back it up a little. What did you just say?

So, yeah. I'm one of the leaders of CCC.
We all are.
Or something.
Adrian tricked us.
That dirty ol' bastard.

After the meeting though, I felt better about CCC, and dare I say, a little excited? I dunno, Brent seems like a cool guy and Adrian seems to be really excited about it, so I think it'll be okay. We'll make Adrian the chief. Leader leader. Yeah.

We saw a lot of people from church. We saw Ruben, Surfer John, Steve, Grace (Kim), Jennifer (Lee), and even Richard! And there's more we haven't seen: Doos, Janet, and more...?

This is crazy.
And it has only begun.

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