Monday, August 12, 2002

Jules: We're all gonna be three little Fonzies - and what was Fonzie?!
Yolanda: Cool?
Jules: Correct-a-mundo!

I got to see my new apartment today.
It looked okay; my room is is fairly small, but I don't really need that much room anyway.
I just have a few minor complaints: it's on the second floor, so moving is going to be a pain in the arse.
And there's no phone jacks in my room.
Actually, we only saw one phone jack in the whole apartment, it was in the kitchen.
Oh and the bathroom is located near the master bedroom, so that may cause some weird circumstances when I'm using it.

Janet and Grace came over to my place (the old one) and made fajitas, which were really good.
Actually, it was all Janet.
Grace and I basically just washed the vegetables and stuff, that's about it.
Dooj, Angela, and Doos came over a little later and hung out with us.
We watched a little TV, and played some Crazy Taxi on the Dreamcast.
Janet was having the time of life playing that game, but she sucked.
Grace was the best out of all the girls.
Then they looked through my photo album.
Grace has looked through that thing like 5 times, and she still seems to enjoy it everytime.
Is it that funny Gracie?
Janet provided the commentary throughout the whole thing, making stuff up as she went.
I think she liked it.


It's Monday, which means work.
Which reminds me, I worked with Christie (the Kristen Kreuk look-alike) again on Saturday, which made it two shifts in a row for us.
I find it really weird that I'm working with her now after all the hype and finally "seeing" her a week ago.
Hmm... could this be a sign?
Yeah right.

I'm also going to register for classes with Adrian, Lisa, Paul, and Solomon.
I hope we'll take some classes together, that'll be fun.
I can sleep through the lectures and get the notes from them.

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