Monday, August 05, 2002

"I am Jack's raging bile duct."

I've been hearing about this hot girl that works at Islands for sometime. (to Heidi: that's "her")
First, it was from the other workers at Islands.
Then Jane (Seon) told me about her and she said she "couldn't breathe" when she saw the girl.
Doojin's friends thought she was hot.
So did Eric's friends.
They thought she looked like Kristen Kreuk (from Smallville) so they call her Kristy. (which is ironic, since her real name is Christie)
So with all this hype, we decided to check her it out for ourselves.
Me, Dooj, and Eric went to Islands today for lunch, and finally saw her.
Folks, she is not that pretty.
And I don't think she looks like Kristen Kreuk either.
Biggest disappointment of the year.


Thank you Amy, for making me feel like crap tonight.

On our drive back to church from Janet's house, she lovingly pointed out how "similar" my "ex-girlfriend" and the girl I currently like, are.
About how they're both "cute."
About how they're both "bubbly."
Etc, etc.
Then she pointed out that I'm superficial and only like pretty girls.
I guess I'm just a shallow guy.

That whole "hot Islands girl" episode flows really well into this one.

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