Thursday, August 22, 2002

"The horror. The horror."

I just called my DSL provider's customer service line to check up on the transfer request I made last week. The guy was pretty nice, and he told me that though they had tried to make the transfer date that I had requested (8/23 - Friday), Pacific Bell couldn't do it until the 30th (the Friday after). So after today, I guess I won't be online for a week. Can I survive?

Boy: What gifts Boy?! I have none. No wait, yeah I do. Remember when we took that spiritual gift test not too long ago? Well I found out that my "gift" was CELIBACY. Awesome ain't it. "The Fellowship of the...?" hahaha that's friggin' hilarious.

Jen: It's okay, I got some people to help me. Though your "super human strength" would've been a big help. Have fun at retreat!

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