Saturday, August 10, 2002

"Even the emo kids can get down and have a good time."

That was the best. concert. evar.
The fact that it was my first concert (evar) kinda helped, I guess.

First up, Sparta.
We had no idea who these guys were, but I thought they actually sounded pretty good. I couldn't understand the words (they screamed a lot) but musically, they were good, especially the drummer. They're apparently from Texas, which was weird since I thought the lead singer sounded British.

Next up, Dashboard Confessional.
The girls went wild. (no, not like on TV)
They were okay, but their style is just too different, and they played waaaaay too many songs. I was there to see Weezer dammit!

Finally, Weezer. (or Weejus like the Japanese call 'em)
They were awesome.
To tell you the truth, we (me, Eric, Dooj, Brian) weren't feeling too great about the show, especially after Dashboard finished their set, and wasn't expecting much from Weezer either.
Then they came on.
It was over.
They had me at "My Name Is Jonas."
And Rivers, you had me at "we're gonna get medieval on your ass."
Good times, my friends. Good times.

The damn traffic after the show almost ruined it though. We were stuck, literally not moving, for about 90 minutes. And people started going crazy - there was a fight (almost), guys running around in their boxers, this huge fat guy mooning everyone, some girls on a truck flashing people, guys taking pictures of the girls, two girls in front of us dancing in their car, couple of guys looking for AA batteries (for God knows what), etc. etc.

Another thing that almost ruined it: this asian guy kept lighting up his stogie and it smelled like crap. And he did it like every 5 minutes. I wish I had Steve's dart blower so I could shoot him.

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