Tuesday, August 13, 2002

"Are you farting now?" - Paul

The FJC Crew (me, Paul, Adrian, Lisa, Solomon) spent 7 hours at school, meeting with counselors and registering for classes.
7 freakin' hours.
It wasn't that bad though, and we ended up signing up for most of the classes together.
We are all taking psychology and philosophy together.
They're also taking sociology, except me 'cause I've already taken it.
Solo and I are also taking guitar together, but it's on a Saturday.
That's okay though, since it's not really a "real" class, it'll be kickback.

Can you imagine all of us in class together?
Chaos. Pure chaos.

Man, I'm actually excited about school.


Dijonnaise = ruthless.


Adrian's TV sucks.
Okay, not really.
We tried to play Halo on his X-Box today, but we couldn't 'cause he couldn't change his TV into "video mode" (video1, video2, etc.) since his "new" remote didn't have a button for that.
I ended up sleeping for a couple of hours while they messed around with the TV.
They failed.


Paul and I are preparing for Thursday's LAN Party Extravaganza by having a little LAN session at my place.
I'll be practicing some strats (yeah right) and Paul we'll be practicing "not-LAN-cheating." (double yeah right)

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