Wednesday, August 21, 2002

"After the meeting though, I felt better about CCC, and dare I say, a little excited?"


Boy! I see the leader in you! hahaha . . . try not to think of it as a title . . . it is much easier to accept that way. I know we have a lot of fun with all of the guys. Countless things come to mind when I think of "good times" with you and the crew. I am excited to spend time with y'all at school and encourage each other to do well academically. But think about if we worked together to bring at least one person to Christ. Wouldn't that cast a shadow on everything else we've done? It is time boy, it is time!

We are facing a lot of opposition. Spiritually I feel that a lot of prayer will be required in order for breakthrough on the campus. Hearing about the past leaders, I am going to search for some prayer accountability to make sure that we have backup. You have a lot of gifts and I want to see you start using them. We can do it, I have no doubt about it. I know these people do not deserve salvation anymore than we do and that there is going to be a huge battle for that campus. I keep thinking of Brent telling us about the number of occult clubs that are on campus. We have to try and start putting our prayers into practice. We have each other and most of all we have THE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE!

We need a cool little name for our crew. The Fellowship of the . . . ?

See you @ school.

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