Sunday, July 28, 2002

"You shouldn't keep things inside like that sir. You'll get cancer."

I'm so freakin' sick - just kill me now.
At least I got to have a sexy voice today.
Okay not really sexy.


I've decided to take Denise's offer to lead praise for the jr. high group, if/when they split up from the high school group.
It was really cool to hear her sermon today, about how you don't have to do extraordinary things like go on missions and teach bible study and all that for God; he just wants you to know him and love him, and that faith and love will lead you to do great things. It was a very simple message, and one that we've all heard before, many times. Yet this time it really related to what I was going through, and I totally heard God speaking to me through the sermon. Too bad she didn't do the sermon before I spent three weeks praying about this. Well at least if I wasn't sure about it before, I'm definitely sure about it now.


How do you know when girls like you? When they flirt with you? And what's flirting? What's the line between flirting/talking/joking?
I'm totally an idiot when it comes to this kind of stuff.
I mean, I'm REALLY slow.
Slower than most guys.
Okay, I'm a freakin' retard. (imagine me saying that with Dr. Evil's voice)
Anyway, Diana asked an interesting question on her blog today, and I was wondering, what about girls?
Which do they prefer: subtlety or straightforwardness?
I'm guessing most girls prefer guys that are straight..........forward.


Dammit. This is getting gay.

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