Tuesday, July 23, 2002

"Life is but a dream."

after morning prayer, i decided to take a nap before work, then i had this dream:

i was sleeping, then woke up. (in the dream) i was in someone else's house, and there were about 3 people there, all sitting down and watching tv. then this girl turns around and starts looking at me. then she comes up to me (with an evil looking grin), grabs my face with both hands, and starts shaking it! so i did it back to her. after that piece 'o fun was over, i looked at the clock and realized that i was late for work, then got up to leave. while putting on my shoes, julie comes in through the front door, acting like her usual self, and asks me something. (which i forgot, but it was funny) then right when i'm about to leave, she introduces me to the girl that i had "met" earlier... crap i forgot her name. anyway she was really cute and liked videogames. (her favorite game was final fantasy IV)

(does the dream remind you of a certain movie? hmmmmmmm)
then i woke up, and realized that i was not late for work.
so i went back to sleep.

jules, you don't really know a girl like that, do you? don't be holding out on me!

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