Friday, July 12, 2002

i've had the same contacts in my eyes for about 3 months.
i'm too poor to buy new ones.
let's have a 'too poor" contest.
just kidding. =)

yesterday i went to islands and searched in vain for your car.
then i went to albertson's and stared at all the food that i can't eat.
and i stared at all the flowers no one will buy me.
then i went back to islands and your car still wasn't there.
(only about 15 minutes had passed)

then i went home and sat around.
i'm the master of sitting around. like garfield.
and i like lasagna, like garfield.
i am garfield.

what girl? THE girl? i'm going to anihilate her.
um. *blush blush* just kidding.


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