Tuesday, July 30, 2002

"Childhood is short, maturity is forever."

I went to get an oil change for my car today, which was long overdue. I mean, it's been like 5500 miles or something since the last one.
Anyway, I always go to this dinky little Korean autoshop in Garden Grove, in my old neighborhood. I've been going there ever since I got my car, mostly because it was close to home, and also because I knew the owner fairly well, since my mom was like his best customer. (Her old car, the appropriately named Oldsmobile, broke down a lot.)

After I dropped the car off, I took a little walk around my old neighborhood. The first place I visited was my old house, of course. It looked relatively the same, except for the front door; the "new" owners had replaced it or repainted it brown. (it used to be white) In fact, the whole neighborhood hadn't changed much at all.
My best friend from elementary school used to live three houses down from me, and we used to play handball on his garage door with his two cousins everyday. It looked exactly the same as before.

Then I took another walk, this time to my old elementary school, which is literally across the street from my old house. I walked by the classes I used to sleep study in, then through the big playground in the middle of the school.

Seeing all these things again brought back a lot of happy memories: swinging on the monkey bars 'till my hands were a bloddy pulp, pegging some poor kid on the head in nationball, almost getting hit by a softball in the head myself during P.E., dressing up as Batman for Halloween, almost winning the spelling bee, having a crush on this girl named Liz Pacelli (everyone had a crush on her, she was purdy), squaredancing with the ugliest girl in the class... wait, that last one ain't a happy memory! MUST. FORGET. NOW!!!

Those were some good times.
Time goes by so fast.
I'm gonna go cry now.

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