Monday, April 08, 2002

"Worship Under the Clouds" ...errr yeah.

Where was the sun? And yet my face is burnt. A little. A tad. A pinch.
How is that possible? Weird science.

Today was pretty fun.
I played basketball. I haven't played in like, oh I dunno, a year or something. It was really fun, even though I didn't win any games. I think I'm gonna start playing regularly again. We have a court at church now, so we don't even have to go anywhere else.

Saw Ice Age. Pretty good. Much better than I expected. Susan Cho cried, of course. And Min Joo ignored me, like always. Me and Dooj laughed it up. We were the loudest ones in the theater. Good thing not many people were there.

Grace lent me her copy of "The Catcher in the Rye." Yeah, that famous book. I've never read it. I never had to read it for school. And as you may already know, I do not read books for pleasure, unless they're written by Stephen King or has elves in it. Anyway, I've heard it's really good, so I'm gonna give it a looksie. The main character is supposed to be really sarcastic and immature and blahblahblah. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to relate to him.

I got Batman: Year One yesterday. So what should I read first, Batman or Mr. Sarcasm? No no, scratch that. What do you think I'll read first?

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