Sometimes I think my life is a movie. A long, boring, independent movie.

Scene 898715

It's after 1 AM.
A solitary boy sits at his desk, trying to distract himself from incoming thoughts that will only cause him to question things more.

CONFUSION enters from the right side of the camera, through the front door.

Boy: Dammit. Not you again.

CONFUSION: A nice boy like you in a place like this... yet I gotta admit, I like coming here.

Boy: And once again, I wish CLARITY would walk in. I could do without you in my life you know.

CONFUSION: Oh, I'm a recurring motif. Life would be rather simple without me. Simple, but boring. People should realize that all they need to do is to take me, some ANGST, a smidgen of MYSTERY, a heaping teaspoon of TRAGEDY, and shake well. Then life is a bit more exciting.

Boy: ... WHY ME?!

CONFUSION: I'll see you again tomorrow.

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