Monday, April 29, 2002

Psalm 73:26 - "My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever."

I like.

Boy: Did you make it? The monster needs it ya know. Really bad. For what I dunno, but it needs it. And I can't erase YOUR voicemails, they're yours.

Sebyul: You're alive?! Sweet. "Following".... yes I've heard of that movie. It's in black and white, eh? It's about this freak that follows everyone, eh? I'm Canadian today, eh?

Back to the Word.

Delete those crazy messages. They might "need it" but I sure do not.

hahahahha . . . no mas! or else . . .
hallo doods~!
long time no write... ;)

well daniel... i know u love movies... and yesterday i saw this really really great movie...
u liked Memento rite??
well watch FOLLOWING
it was CRAGEEE~!!! its by christopher nolan...
crazy man~
and i'll see ya'll at cafe nite for the mission thingy
till then
dun miss me too much...

Sunday, April 28, 2002

DJ... nah. I'm not into the whole hip hop thang.
I'll stick with the guitar, but you should learn to DJ.
Then we can be in a band! And we can suck like Limp Bizkit! Or we can be cool like Incubus. No wait, they're getting way too popular, "asianized" as Dooj would say.
i need a hobby too.
i should really make reading for school
a hobby, but that ain't ever gon' happen.
i propose we go learn to dj.
dat'd be so much fun.

"If you really want something in this life, you have to work for it. Now quiet, they're about to announce the lottery numbers!"

I did absolutely nothing today.
Wait, it's technically Sunday now, so, I did absolutely nothing yesterday.

I need a hobby.
Yeah I got games, but I dunno, I need more.
Maybe I'll start drawing again.
I used to draw a lot, especially in elementary school. I wasn't really good or anything, but you just get this really great feeling of accomplishment when you finish a drawing, ya know? Okay, maybe not. It's prolly just me.
I drew ninja turtles a lot, cause they were really popular back then.
They were like our Pokemon.
Hmm. Writing about it is getting me excited.

Someone from church is hiring for some real estate thingamajig, again.
They were hiring couple of months ago, but I didn't get it cause they were looking for a girl.
Well I guess this time they're okay with me being a guy, but I dunno. Should I go for it? The hours are good, the pay is decent... but it's secretarial work?! Uhhh...

Note to Heidi: Yeah. Chloe. Isn't she? Well different strokes for different folks.

Joke of the day: Three Chinese guys named Fu, Bu, and Chu immigrated to the US. They wanted to become US citizens, and decided to change their names.
Bu changed his name to "Buck".
Chu changed his to "Chuck".
Fu was sent back to China.

Saturday, April 27, 2002

Friday, April 26, 2002

Wednesday, April 24, 2002


Nash & Nowitzki = my heroes.

I wish my hair was as long as Nash's. And as dirty. It would take me like 5 years to grow it that long.

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

"WTF was that?!"

Ahh... Tuesday. The last weekday. My weekend starts on Wednesday, since I only have classes on Monday and Tuesday.

Fairly mundane day.
Did the usual: drove my boy to work, worked out with Dooj-the-strongest-man-in-the-world, took the Econ midterm, did okay on it, and watched Smallville. Is it just me, or is Chloe hot? Well not HOT, but cute. I'd choose her over Lana any day. Dooj is gonna kill me for that one.

I also watched a DVD today: Mulholland Drive.

Weirdest. Movie. Evar.

The first thing that came out of my mouth when the credits started rolling was, well, read the headline.
Then I watched it again.

I liked it.
Definitely not for everyone.
It does not explain itself.
You have to THINK to figure it out.
Gee what a concept.
Note: hahaha...asking a girl from a guy and his friends' point of view.
Words of encouragement:

Boy, you will never be alone ;D

You will always have . . .

. . . the man. ^^
pooj is so adorable.
"love is in the air~ everywhere i look around~"
...'cept of course in my life.
a;lsdh; auh;aoshsd.

Monday, April 22, 2002

HEY!!!! you said you'll still be my friend!!! it wasn't that gay was it? I mean come on! Daaaaaang it.

My boy has joined the dark side. Now I'm all alone.

I just helped Dooj do the gayest thing. Evar.
Well if it makes makes my boy happy, it's all good.

What did he do, you ask?

You'll know soon enough.

"Relax. What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Never mind!"

I don't get why people are getting so upset about those "two Wongs can make it white" shirts. I don't find it offensive at all.
The fact that I'm not Chinese and that I'm really a white boy inside doesn't make any difference, does it?
It's just all in good fun folks. Do me a favor and get a sense of humor.

And the irony is, these shirts are being sold for more than $200 on Ebay, and I bet some of the sellers (and buyers) are Asians.

Sunday, April 21, 2002

Freudian Slip

Just had a conversation with Grace:

(after a few minutes talking about the "Wedding of the Century")

Grace: What kind of wedding would you have?

Me: Uhh... I dunno. I never thought about it before.

Grace: Well you can think about it now. What kind?

Me: Uhm... it would be at a church I guess. And it would be small. Smaller than normal. I'll let my wife invite like 2 people.

Grace: Really? Just 2 people huh?

Me: Well not just 2 people. You know what I mean.

Grace: OK, so, small wedding.

Me: Yeah, and no reception.

Grace: No reception?

Me: Yeah, it would just be the wedding, then BAM, on to the funeral. Wait, I mean, the honeymoon.

Grace: (laughing hysterically) I can't believe you just said that! What a Freudian slip!

Me: Funeral, honeymoon... same thing. I guess now you know what I think of marriage.
So tired... again.

If I ever get married, which won't happen, but IF I do, remind me not to have the wedding at our church so I won't burden anyone with work.

Friday, April 19, 2002

what u talking bout cool... YOU GUYS WERE TOO COOL... catcher in the rye...good book i think... but i forgot what it was about... keep it posted
Dear Blog,
I just got back from studying with Denise and Sero at Biola.
I haven't studied with them for a while, but I needed to, for the Econ midterm next Tuesday. Yeah, it's on Tuesday, so I have plenty of time to study, but think about it: Tomorrow's Friday, and I never study on Friday. Same goes for Saturday and Sunday. Then on Monday I have to finish up the homework for CIS, and do the daily routine of driving/picking up Adrian to/from work and working out with Dooj. So the only day I had was today.

I got to study about 30 minutes with Sero before Denise joined us, at which point we decided to eat. They also told me about a praise night thing that was gonna go on at 9, which we later ended up attending. After eating, we had about 30 minutes before the praise thing, so went to the lounge and played pingpong. I teamed up with this guy that Sero and Denise knew, and played doubles against them. I played horrible, but we still won.

Then at 9 we went to the forementioned praise deal. There were like 10 people when we got there. Sweet.
Apparently there was a concert tonight that everyone was attending. That explains it.
I actually enjoyed it though. The band was called Grape Juice (according to Sero -- nice name) and sounded pretty good. We even saw Steve there. He was too cool to sit with us though.

The praise ended at 10, and we went back to the library to study.
I got about 3/4 of my studying done for the midterm, then finished the rest of "The Catcher in the Rye".
Great book.
I totally related to the character. In fact, I think I did too much. It felt like reading about myself sometimes.

"If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you'll probably want to know is where I was born, and what my lousy childhood was like, and how my parents were occupied and all before they had me, and all that David Copperfield kind of crap, but I don't feel like going into it." - very first sentence from "The Catcher in the Rye"

Best. Book. Evar.

Thursday, April 18, 2002

stevie wonder is black.
maybe God is black.
no but seriously,
right now i feel as though
God is like some
huge collage made up of everything...
this would prolly make more sense if
yall were reading my mind right now.
i'm no good at materializing my thoughts.
sorry for ranting on your blog.

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Keep in mind the last time I saw him, he came from the wall of the bedroom.
Random Thought:
God is love.
Love is blind.
Stevie Wonder is blind.

Stevie Wonder is God?
Wasn't he always in the living room?
God must have scared the man out of the bedroom into the living room. He visited me.

I'll say it once and I'll say it again.

I told ya so.

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

o dear.
good grief.
that's frikkin freakay.
AWe man!!! I'm here... alone... at 5am... i'm scared toooo!!!
daniel... i'm your fan!!

"Boy, you got the shinning!"
"Oh you mean the SHINING."
"Shut up boy! You wanna get sued?!"

It's 12:05 AM.
The freakiest thing just happened.
Before I tell you anything, I must describe our apartment in order for you to understand what happened, since not everyone has been over at our place.
We have both of our computers out in the living room, facing away from our bedroom (and the bedroom door). So if we're on the computer, we can't see the bedroom.


Adrian was in the bedroom, with the door closed, reading or something.
I was listening to some Cowboy Bebop songs on my computer and reading an article on a website, when I saw a reflection of a figure on my monitor, walking by behind me. (the website I was on had a black background, so I was able to see it easily)
Of course I thought it was Adrian, getting something to eat or something.
There was no reason to think otherwise.
The figure looked exactly like him; the hair, the build, everything.
I continued reading the article, then after a few seconds, turned around and looked at the bedroom door.

It was closed.

At this point I'm thinking, wow, that was fast. Too fast.
Adrian couldn't have gone back into the bedroom that fast, without me hearing the door close or anything.

This is shady.

So I went in and saw Adrian on his bed, err matress, reading.

Hey, did you come out of the room just now?
Dude, I just saw a figure on my monitor. You sure you didn't come out?
"I didn't come out man."

At this point I'm freaking out.
I tell Adrian about what happened.
He says "the man" is back.
He says "I told you so."

I'm scared.
Where's my mommy when I need her, dammit!

Monday, April 15, 2002

daniel, you're an endless source of wonder and intrigue.

Sometimes I think my life is a movie. A long, boring, independent movie.

Scene 898715

It's after 1 AM.
A solitary boy sits at his desk, trying to distract himself from incoming thoughts that will only cause him to question things more.

CONFUSION enters from the right side of the camera, through the front door.

Boy: Dammit. Not you again.

CONFUSION: A nice boy like you in a place like this... yet I gotta admit, I like coming here.

Boy: And once again, I wish CLARITY would walk in. I could do without you in my life you know.

CONFUSION: Oh, I'm a recurring motif. Life would be rather simple without me. Simple, but boring. People should realize that all they need to do is to take me, some ANGST, a smidgen of MYSTERY, a heaping teaspoon of TRAGEDY, and shake well. Then life is a bit more exciting.

Boy: ... WHY ME?!

CONFUSION: I'll see you again tomorrow.

Sunday, April 14, 2002

dang that was pretty fantasmic(BONES) day... mine... wrote a paper... ate dinner... wrote paper... and blew the fire that was in my car....

Saturday, April 13, 2002

"Today is the worst day of my life!" - Dooj

Well the Clippers game was a bust.

First of all, John decided not to go for some reason, and we didn't know about it until just before we left for the game. So one person wasn't going, big deal. Well the thing is, he was supposed to pick up J. Lo, so now we had to go pick him up. And Denise showed up a little late (not much, but a little) so the day was already starting to look fantasmic.

So we left church (our meeting spot) at about 5:30, and went to pick up Jason in Irvine. We got there, Denise had to pee, and we passed the time by making fun of Patty's stain-filled pants. Oh, and I should note that me, Dooj, and J. Lo wore red shirts to represent the Creepers (as we like to call them), and we never planned it or anything. But Denise didn't catch on, so she looked quite the fool.

Then we finally started on our trek to LA at about 5:50. Fortunately, there was almost no traffic on the way, so we managed to get to the Staples Center in time, around 7:10. Although we did run into some trouble when Dooj wasn't paying attention and passed the exit, it just ended up to be a 10 minute detour.

After some searching, we found the box office, the place where you buy tickets. Then we went up and was told by the ticket guy that there were only $75 seats left. $75!!! Holy bejesus. So after some thinking (2 seconds), we decided there was nothing we could do, and left dejected. On the way to the parking lot, we saw some people getting in through the VIP entrance in the back of the arena. Lucky bastards.

There's always next season.

We ended up going to Birch Street in Brea: eating at Fat Burger, getting the wrong orders (I got "Elliot's" order, Dooj got "TJ", Denise got "Dennis", and Jason got wrong kind of fries), laughing at Dooj's yellow "stain" on his pants, laughing at his ingenious-yet-hilarious attempt at covering his "stain" by wearing his shirt on the front of his crotch like a waiter, and shopping at Tower Records.

Hmm, today was a day filled with stained pants.

Dooj complained that the day was a bust, 'cause we didn't get to see the Clippers and because of his "stain".
2 negatives equal a postive, I say.
Wait, the cancellation of the Clippers game has been cancelled. (we're gonna go)
So if you want to go, meet at church at 5. Today. Bye.
my arm hurts....

Friday, April 12, 2002

Our planned Clippers outing has been cancelled, so for those who wanted to go, too bad.
We could go next season though, and they'll be a better team next year, so it'll be more fun.
i would go to a clippers game... havent been to a bball game before... i heard if they are cheap tickets the seats are like real bad... but i got lots of work... to do... o well.. maybe next time... dianes CHILLING with friends was nice... except when i landed on the siedewalk?
dear friend bonerfante,
i have unfortunately news about
"pop class" you has ask me about.
there is no pop class being offering at school,
although there used be a "club dancing" class
adrian will has to look somewhere else for pop class.
my condolences.
-diana the fob.

Thursday, April 11, 2002

evenin B
glad to hear you're bonerrific...
i think...
-that was for you being bonerrific.
OK OK you got me Jen. You've figured me out.

Or not.

I think #3 is the best answer.

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

daniel! YOU just redeemed yourself as a "mean-man"

i knew you were a softy... a lovey dovey guy!!

hmm... so you are secretly a :
1. FOB
2. Lovey dovey softy
3. ????? (the mysterious daniel )

"Love. All you need is love. Love is like oxygen."

Just finished watching Moulin Rouge on DVD. I don't like musicals, but I gotta say, that was pretty good. It's the only musical that I've enjoyed watching. With that said, I have to say this to Baz Luhrmann, the director: dude, get off the crack. That stuff's bad for you. Well, if it helps you make nice trippy movies, then I guess it's ok.
"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." Hmm... roooooite... good to know.

We're planning on going to a Clippers game this Saturday (by *we I mean me and Dooj), and anyone is welcome to join us, unless you're a Lakers fan (kidding, maybe). The game will be against Minnesota at 7:30 PM (at Staples Center, duh), and the tickets start from $10. If you're interested, call me (776-5138), email me (, IM me (dbones80), or blog me (here, duh), or tell me at church, whichever's convenient for you.
diana + daniel = two very mean people
Howdy Dijonnaise. I'm bonerrific, how bout yourself?
We missed your white arse at the picnic dawg. You sick? My Boy is sick too. Allergies. Gotta catch 'em all. Err, no wait. Scratch that. Hope you feel better.
ayo bonerino
wat's chillin in yo hood dawg?

dood, i totally feel you on
the not-wanting-to-share-

damn it.

Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Quote of the Day:
frecklepickle (12:33:29 AM): doosuan = God

Don't ask.
you are a mean mean man...

"Sharing is caring." Do I look like a person that gives a crap?!

You know what I hate? I hate it when "unknown" bands that I like get really big and popular because of a catchy hit single or a "cool" music video. I don't like sharing my unknown-but-cool bands. I know it's selfish. I just like having them all to myself. I'm an elitist. Sue me.

Most recent example is Jimmy Eat World. This little emo band has been around for a while. Not many people knew about this band except the emo kids. Oh and Sam. He went to Edison, remember?
Anyway, they were relatively unknown until this year, when they released "The MIddle". I like this song. I like the video.
Then I hear it on KROQ. OK, that's cool. They've played JEW before, no biggie. Then I hear it a lot. Then Dooj tells me kids at Sunny Hills like them. Uh oh. Asian kids. Oh no. Korean kids. Oh God no.
Just when I'm starting to lose hope, I hear the song on STAR. 98 point freakin' 7. WTF?! You can't play JEW!! Go back to playing your Matchbox 20's and your Jewels and your John Mayers!
Then last week I saw them playing on Saturday Night Live. OK, that wasn't too bad. SNL is a respectable show, for me anyway. They get decent people to play music for that show. At least they weren't playing on Jay Leno. That would really suck.

Now they're starting to play "Sweetness" on KROQ. Sweet Jesus and Mary. Please not that song. I love that song. I can't share that song. I've been listening to it by myself for like 3 years. I have 3 different versions of that song. (the original version is the best) If I hear that song on STAR, I would go uber-psycho.

Don't even get me started on Weezer.

Monday, April 08, 2002

today was overcast.
dont u know overcast weather = unexpected sunburn!?!?

"Worship Under the Clouds" ...errr yeah.

Where was the sun? And yet my face is burnt. A little. A tad. A pinch.
How is that possible? Weird science.

Today was pretty fun.
I played basketball. I haven't played in like, oh I dunno, a year or something. It was really fun, even though I didn't win any games. I think I'm gonna start playing regularly again. We have a court at church now, so we don't even have to go anywhere else.

Saw Ice Age. Pretty good. Much better than I expected. Susan Cho cried, of course. And Min Joo ignored me, like always. Me and Dooj laughed it up. We were the loudest ones in the theater. Good thing not many people were there.

Grace lent me her copy of "The Catcher in the Rye." Yeah, that famous book. I've never read it. I never had to read it for school. And as you may already know, I do not read books for pleasure, unless they're written by Stephen King or has elves in it. Anyway, I've heard it's really good, so I'm gonna give it a looksie. The main character is supposed to be really sarcastic and immature and blahblahblah. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to relate to him.

I got Batman: Year One yesterday. So what should I read first, Batman or Mr. Sarcasm? No no, scratch that. What do you think I'll read first?

Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Story of the Day: Donut trail leads cops to thief.

I bet those cops were just trying to get the donuts.
What a fluke.
That's like me going to an arcade and meeting, oh I dunno, Katie Holmes.

Random thought: How do blind people know they're done wiping their arse? I mean, do they just kinda guess?

Tuesday, April 02, 2002

I fell asleep twice in Econ today.

That's a new record.
I usually sleep like 5 times.

Oh no. Not the "man". Well he only seems to bother you, Boy. So I don't really have to worry.
Me too man. The couple few days I have had some weird dreams, but I cannot remember either. The "man" is back.

"You are not your dream."

That was the shortest spring break, evar.
I didn't do a damn thing!

It was still good tho.
Very relaxing.
I got to sleep.
A lot.

I've been having really weird dreams lately.
And I can't remember a single one of them.
All I know is that they involve people I know, people I'm close with.
Well, relatively close.

I think sleep is the only thing that makes me happy.
How sad.

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