Saturday, March 30, 2002

"This Christmas... the journey continues..."

Dude, The Two Towers looks mighty sweet.

We went to see The Lord of the Rings today. Yes, we've seen it already. This was my third time.
Why watch it again? 'Cause they put in a sneak preview of The Two Towers (the second part of the trilogy) at the end of the movie for the fans. That preview alone was worth it. Of course, that the movie itself is awesome didn't hurt.
I love that movie. Adrian loves that movie. We all LOVE that movie.
It's filled with wonderful and memorable scenes: Legolas kicking arse. "And my AXE!!", "What about second breakfast?", Liv Tyler, the whole Mines of Moria battle, the Balrog, Bilbo going psycho, Gandalf's fall, Legolas kicking more arse, Sam almost drowining, Aragorn kicking major booty at the end, and on and on.
Oh, and that scene when Boromir gets shot by arrows and keeps trying to fight... man. It gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME. Seriously. Am I just a big geek? I don't care! Boromir rules. Not as much as Legolas, of course.

8 months 'till X-mas.

UPDATE: I put a comic up at my page about the movie. Do these guys remind you of anyone?

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