Friday, March 15, 2002

I am Jack's red neck.

1980-1989: Korean.
1989-1991: FOB.
1991-2002: Wannabe-white boy.
2002- ? : American.

I attended the Oath Ceremony today, and now I'm officially a U.S. citizen. It was at the LA Coliseum, right by USC. It was cool since it was my first time there, except for the uh, naked statues outside. Not cool. There were almost 4000 (!) people there, and that was the second one that day! That means almost 8000 new citizens, just from today. Wow.
The whole time I was thinking how I was over-dressed with the tie and everything, since most people were in normal everyday clothes. Come on people, I thought this was supposed to be IMPORTANT.
At least nobody was in sweats a la Adrian.
So now when I say that I'm white, it would only be a half-lie since all Americans are white. Right? Roite? I don't care what you say fool! I'm white!

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