Thursday, March 28, 2002

I am Jack's inner gangsta, ya heard?

I had a job interview today at JEI Learning Center, the place where Steve works. Yes yes, another tutoring gig.
Anyway, I typed up a bare resume and went there with Steve. After arriving, he introduced me to his boss, Rani.

I could tell from the start she didn't like me.
When Steve told her that I was here to apply for a teaching position she made this "you're kidding me" face and uneasily looked over my oh-so-elegant resume.

This is how the interview went:

Rani: So you've worked with kids before?
Me: Yeah.
Rani: How was that? Did you like it?
Me: Yeah, I like working with kids.
[then after a few seconds of looking at me, she laughed. no, more like snickered.]
Me: What?
Rani: It's your look.
Me: Oh you mean this? (pointing at my eyebrow)
Rani: No, you don't have hair!
Me: Ohhhhhh. Is that a problem?
Rani: Well, you know we have kids coming here.
Me: Uhh... yeah that's what I figured.
Rani: You know, we have kids ranging from 1st graders to sophomores in high school.
Me: (What's your point?)
Rani: Well, it's not really a problem for me. But the kids... I hope it is a problem.
Me: You hope it IS a problem?
Rani: I hope it ISN'T a problem.
Me: Oh. Wow, I didn't know it'd be such a bid deal. I thought this (pointing at my eyebrow, again) would be more of a problem.
Rani: Well, yeah. That too.
Me: Heh. Heh. (nervous laughter)

And that was just the first 3 minutes.
I think she thinks I'm a gangster. She was probably thinking, "Who is this guy, with no hair and a pierced brow, to come in here and expect to TEACH KIDS?! Does he think I'm nuts??"
That's ok. I probably would've felt the same way if I was her.
There's gotta be something else out there for me.

I should go and see if Hot Topic is hiring.

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