Saturday, March 09, 2002

I am Jack's complete lack of energy.

Sero is the biggest paranoid android, evar.
I stayed till 2 AM (!) at church to help her with her computer stuff:
1. getting the keyboard to work.
2. getting the dust off the insides of the computer.
3. backing up her pictures. which led to...
4. installing AOL to email herself the said pictures.
5. backing up her EMAIL. That's right folks, she wanted to save the emails. All 700+ of them. "It's my life!" she said. "Someday when I'm old I'll read them all" she said. "I kill you" I said.
6. online shopping for notebooks.
7. deleting all sorts of files and junk that she was afraid someone would find out about. Hmm.... what is she hiding?

By the end I was deliriou5(?), and played with a pair of scissors for my own amusement.

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