Sunday, March 03, 2002

Empty brain
So I'm sitting here, trying to conjure up some words to write for my daily entry... yet I can't think of anything. So THIS is what they call writer's block, eh?
Good times.

Wait, I sense some activity in the brain.


Sunday Bloody Sunday
Church was... interesting. The guest speaker seemed like a nice guy, but I just couldn't focus without his accent getting in the way. Now I'm learning to appreciate Kim JDSN's semi-fob accent and his huh's and yeah's and his occasional voice cracks.

Special Music
Shout-out to Brother John and his "band." Good job guys. That was a very nice song. It would have been even more impressive if he actually wrote the lyrics, but hey, who else has written a song?

Special Music, part deux
Hmm... that reminds me. Whatever happened to that mission-fundraiser-concert-skit-thing you were planning out Adrian? Is that cancelled? Or needs more planning?
HAHAHA!! I just remembered. Adrian planned to do some Linkin Park songs for that. Oh man. That would have been hilarious. Well, amusing at least.

Summer can't come soon enough. Me and Dooj have been working out, so we can be BUFF for the Summer, and get all the chicks at the beach. So far, no good. Buffness doesn't come so easily I guess. Well we still have like 4 months left, so there's still hope.

On second thought...
Hey, Dooj beat Dustin in armwresting today! So maybe it IS working.

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