Sunday, March 24, 2002

BONER's 10 Second Movie Review of Blade 2 (for real): Awesome. Best movie so far this year. Much better than the first.

There was some drama before the movie tho (of course). This gay security guard came in to the movie and kicked Paul (Chun), Andre, and his friends out 'cause they weren't old enough and had snuck in by buying tickets for another movie. But that's not the bad part. While he was escorting them out, he stopped and checked all of us for tickets and ID. Of course Keisuke didn't have one, so the gay guard told him he had to leave. How freakin' gay is that? He already had the ticket! Everyone else was old enough and had ID, but no, he couldn't let just one kid stay. Gayness. So Keisuke told us he'll go watch John Q with the other guys and left. We felt pretty bad for little guy, and started badmouthing Regal outloud. Then about 10 minutes later during the previews, Keisuke sneaked back in! Hahahahaha! Score one for the good guys! Then he took Dooj's sweatshirt and sat between us so he can hide during the movie.

Was it worth all the trouble? You betcha.
That's good times my friends, good times.

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