Sunday, March 31, 2002

Yes, I am love with that movie. I am in love with that realm. I would seriously give an arm and a leg (maybe not) to take a trip there. So fun . . . WHY CHRISTMAS!?!??! Why not sooner . . . thanksgiving . . . 4th of July . . . Easter? =(

Saturday, March 30, 2002

"This Christmas... the journey continues..."

Dude, The Two Towers looks mighty sweet.

We went to see The Lord of the Rings today. Yes, we've seen it already. This was my third time.
Why watch it again? 'Cause they put in a sneak preview of The Two Towers (the second part of the trilogy) at the end of the movie for the fans. That preview alone was worth it. Of course, that the movie itself is awesome didn't hurt.
I love that movie. Adrian loves that movie. We all LOVE that movie.
It's filled with wonderful and memorable scenes: Legolas kicking arse. "And my AXE!!", "What about second breakfast?", Liv Tyler, the whole Mines of Moria battle, the Balrog, Bilbo going psycho, Gandalf's fall, Legolas kicking more arse, Sam almost drowining, Aragorn kicking major booty at the end, and on and on.
Oh, and that scene when Boromir gets shot by arrows and keeps trying to fight... man. It gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME. Seriously. Am I just a big geek? I don't care! Boromir rules. Not as much as Legolas, of course.

8 months 'till X-mas.

UPDATE: I put a comic up at my page about the movie. Do these guys remind you of anyone?

Friday, March 29, 2002

dood, i am so very sad.
i'm only worth $1,698,736.00
wut da dil yo?
someone do somethin to boost my
self-esteem b'fore i go stab myself with paper clips.
daniel... ur so funny.
i laughed out loud after reading about ur interview.
gosh who is this punk girl.
she has a problem...

Thursday, March 28, 2002

Link of the Day: Humans for Sale. According to this, I'm worth exactly $2,151,040.00. I don't know whether to be happy or depressed.
hey she doesnt care bout it much... is just the kids.... hahha...

I am Jack's inner gangsta, ya heard?

I had a job interview today at JEI Learning Center, the place where Steve works. Yes yes, another tutoring gig.
Anyway, I typed up a bare resume and went there with Steve. After arriving, he introduced me to his boss, Rani.

I could tell from the start she didn't like me.
When Steve told her that I was here to apply for a teaching position she made this "you're kidding me" face and uneasily looked over my oh-so-elegant resume.

This is how the interview went:

Rani: So you've worked with kids before?
Me: Yeah.
Rani: How was that? Did you like it?
Me: Yeah, I like working with kids.
[then after a few seconds of looking at me, she laughed. no, more like snickered.]
Me: What?
Rani: It's your look.
Me: Oh you mean this? (pointing at my eyebrow)
Rani: No, you don't have hair!
Me: Ohhhhhh. Is that a problem?
Rani: Well, you know we have kids coming here.
Me: Uhh... yeah that's what I figured.
Rani: You know, we have kids ranging from 1st graders to sophomores in high school.
Me: (What's your point?)
Rani: Well, it's not really a problem for me. But the kids... I hope it is a problem.
Me: You hope it IS a problem?
Rani: I hope it ISN'T a problem.
Me: Oh. Wow, I didn't know it'd be such a bid deal. I thought this (pointing at my eyebrow, again) would be more of a problem.
Rani: Well, yeah. That too.
Me: Heh. Heh. (nervous laughter)

And that was just the first 3 minutes.
I think she thinks I'm a gangster. She was probably thinking, "Who is this guy, with no hair and a pierced brow, to come in here and expect to TEACH KIDS?! Does he think I'm nuts??"
That's ok. I probably would've felt the same way if I was her.
There's gotta be something else out there for me.

I should go and see if Hot Topic is hiring.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Link of the Day: "Khai and Juice." Warning: Explicit lyrics. It's all in good humor folks.
sup bones... saying of the day
BONER: thats dam funny, I quit tutoring to get into tutoring.

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Good times.
...screw it (its supposed to be a picture of a guy lifting weights)
ahhh i messed up i'll do it over

- [][][][][][][][][][]--------------------------[][][][][][][][][][][][]
- |__()__|
- |
- |
- / \
- / \ DANIEL CHO wowie look at that! its argentinian muscles!
/ \
/ \ DANIEL CHO wowie look at that! its argentinian muscles!
Got my new license and social security card today. I left right after dropping off Adrian at work (10am), and finished with everything right before I picking him up after work (3pm).

Tomorrow: gotta apply for a passport.

Good times.

Why can't my life be as remotely interesting as Lori's?

Monday, March 25, 2002

I be Jack's pierced brow foo'.

Yo yo yo Dijonnaise.
I know you be totally diggin' on my brow dawg.
It's hella tight ya heard?
No doubt no doubt.
I gots da flava that you'll sava.
I'm fresh like a can of picante, and I'm deep within da dante.
Holla back young un', w00t w00t!

Sunday, March 24, 2002

yo yo, bonerino
i totally dig yo 'brow dawg.
honestly tho, i didn't think you'd really go thru with it.
props to ya bro.
i gotsta tell you kidd,
when i saw it today, i was totally feelin it, ya heard?
BONER's 10 Second Movie Review of Blade 2 (for real): Awesome. Best movie so far this year. Much better than the first.

There was some drama before the movie tho (of course). This gay security guard came in to the movie and kicked Paul (Chun), Andre, and his friends out 'cause they weren't old enough and had snuck in by buying tickets for another movie. But that's not the bad part. While he was escorting them out, he stopped and checked all of us for tickets and ID. Of course Keisuke didn't have one, so the gay guard told him he had to leave. How freakin' gay is that? He already had the ticket! Everyone else was old enough and had ID, but no, he couldn't let just one kid stay. Gayness. So Keisuke told us he'll go watch John Q with the other guys and left. We felt pretty bad for little guy, and started badmouthing Regal outloud. Then about 10 minutes later during the previews, Keisuke sneaked back in! Hahahahaha! Score one for the good guys! Then he took Dooj's sweatshirt and sat between us so he can hide during the movie.

Was it worth all the trouble? You betcha.
That's good times my friends, good times.

Friday, March 22, 2002

haha, don't listen to jenny an julie.
listen only to ME!
jus kiddin, listen to your inner desire to PIERCE!
jesss baby!
an wat're you gonna pierce???
BONER's 10 Second Movie Review of Blade 2: Oh wait. I didn't get to see it as planned. Freakin' bums.

On a side note, tomorrow's the day I'm getting my *blank* pierced. I'm still not 100% sure I'm gonna go through with it, but we'll see.
all i could say is that they come at you with a gun and then SHOOT YOU!
it's like all your video games come to life!!
plus.. you're a boy and you wont take good care of it. it'll get infected.... eeeeouoooo.. gross

just trying to look out for ya!
it doesn't hurt that much.
don't worry be happy.

ew, i don't want u to pierce anything!
be clean n fresh, like me!!!

ok... not like me.

but... WARNING: if u pierce something, u better take GOOD care of it.
or else, it'll get all nasty nasty and u'll be in torture.

byebye!!! pet dooki for me!!

Thursday, March 21, 2002

I am Jack's body full of holes.

I've decided. I'm going to pierce... my nipple. OK maybe not. But something. Yeah. This weekend. Crap, now that I've said it I'm scared. We'll see then. "Will he, or will he not?"
hmm.. jack is not a nice name. how bout jimmy? or joey? now that sounds like nice people...!
Jen, watch Fight Club. The answer lies within.
On second thought, don't watch it. I don't think you'll like it.
are you jack?
you hav an old name an a new name???
does that mean you hav a ...
FOB name???
hmmmmm... interestin...

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Jack is me. Jack is you. Jack is us. Jack is them. Jack is everyone. Jack is no one.
overwhelming sense of rage = no good.
who's jack?

I am Jack's overwhelming sense of rage.

So I'm at the post office, to apply for a passport. (Did you know that you apply for passports and the post office? Me either.) I go in, and I'm a little surprised at the lack of a line. Good times, I'm thinking. Then after about 5 minutes, one of the workers calls out a number. 62. Doh! No wonder there's no line. So I take a number. 68. Well, it won't take that long.
Another 5 minutes. There's a guy on the far right, and he's wearing a different uniform. Hmm. What the? The guy asks the lady on the right of me if she's here for a passport. She says yes and takes out a bunch of forms. Dag nab it. Then the guy sees me and asks me the same question. Yeah. He gives me the application and says he'll help me after the lady. Why didn't you ask me BEFORE the lady you bum? And why isn't there a sign or something to let people know YOU'RE the one that helps people with passports?
Yet another 5 minutes. My turn. I hand him the application and my Citizenship Certificate. He asks for an ID. I hand him my driver's license. "Hmm. This has your old name on it. You need to get a new ID with your current name. Did you change the name on your social security card?" No. "You need to do that. Until you do both, we can't give you a passport." Then he gives me a card with the address of a social security administration nearby. Thanks. Ahh'll be bach. Pretty nice guy. And helpful.

Alrite, since I was gonna get a new ID anyway, I head to the DMV. Some black lady is arguing with a guy right outside. And everyone is watching. Hmm. I head inside, then look for the little boys' room. Occupied. Shnikies. Alrite let's just get the application and a number. Uh oh, that black lady is here. Right infront of me. Arguing with the worker that gives out numbers. Something about having her license stolen 3 times. Next time it happens again, she's gonna get the FBI on it. She needs to see the CEO. The CEO? Uhm, ok. About 10 minutes of this nonsense goes by. The line behind her (and me) is getting quite big. The worker finally gets her to leave with a number. Alrite, my turn. The worker picks up a phone and calls someone. Hey, what about me? She's obviously talking to a supervisor of some sort. "There's a crazy lady in here. She's black, and has braids. No, she's crazy! Yeah. She's black. Uh huh. And has braids. She was talking about all these weird things, about the FBI and how something's gonna go down. Yeah. So make sure when she comes up to the window that you have security with you."
Uh oh. I'm starting to freak out a little. I envision the lady going up to the window and pulling out a glock from her bag. Crap. What are you thinking? Stop being a paranoid android. It's only a glock. You can take her with your elbow of doom. Err... Me and my imagination.

An hour later...

Finally it's my turn.
"Can I help you?"
Uhm, no. I'm just here to stare at your ugly face.

I hand over the app, she looks it over, then types something on the computer.
"It shows here that you have a 'failure to appear" for a ticket."
What?! What ticket?!
" 2000."
I cleared that up last year!
"Oh, did u get an abstract?"
Uh, what?
"An abstract."
Uhm, I think they gave me something yeah.
"Well you need to bring that here to get this off of your record. Until then, I can't give you a license."

On my way out of the hellhole, the guy I saw earlier that was arguing with that crazy lady hands me a pamphlet. "Hey you have a minute?" Silence. "Did you know that September 11th may be an 'inside' job?" Silence. Keep walking. "You don't have a minute to join our campaign?" Silence. Don't turn around or he's gonna say something else to make you go medieval on his arse.

Needless to say, I didn't go to the social security administration.

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

I am Jack's tighty whities.

Econ midterm was today. The class started at 7, so I left early and did some last minute crammin' at the library. I think it helped 'cause I was the first one to finish the test. Wait, is that good? Oh well. Doesn't matter now. I waved the test in front of the professor and marched out of the class like a champ. Everyone was staring at me. I think they were impressed.
And jealous.
As they should be.

Now 2 more midterms to go. They are both take-home tests. Woe is me.
Spring break has basically started already. I still have one more class tomorrow, but I only need to go and pick up the test. Woe is me, again.
I have no idea what I'm gonna do during break. Hmm... I guess I'll just do what I always do: dance in my underwear to NSYNC songs.
hey all
woo hoo!!!!!!!!!
i jus wanted to share the joy...
an rub it in for those o yalls
that havn't finished yet.
jesssssss baby!
on sunday i witnessed a very scary site.
it was robert... and daniel... and...and...and... EW

Monday, March 18, 2002

hey guys... well im having my last la crosse game this saturday at 1pm... i think im actually goin to start... but it be cool if all yall came... sorry if i havent talk to u guys but... ya... please come... if u dont its cool... take cares...
Care to explain why?
Well you don't have to if you don't want to. Check out Jen's blog for ways to cure the blues.
i'm having the horriblest day ever.
i shall go home and cry.
Hey, you may be stronger than me, but I am faster than you.
I think.

Robert is my toy. Ask Julie. She knows.
dear Daniel.

what?! you're gonna run away from me?~! YOU CAN TRY... he he he.

lesson #2: resolve all your poblems by resorting to violence first.
example: notice how Roberta is scared of me.
BONER's 10 Second Movie Review of Resident Evil: Not bad. Not great. Nice appetizer for Blade 2.

Sunday, March 17, 2002


What, I'm not scary anymore? What about "the look"? My scary eyes?

Alrite, looks like I have to go forward with Operation: Run. Like. Hell. part deux.
it's me julie...
me and jenny have decided to try and shower u with the affection that we couldn't before when u were so dang scary...
so... operation affection part 2 will begin today...
when u least expect it.

Saturday, March 16, 2002

What is wrong with my sweats?

Sweats = my everyday clothes.


Save me, I am dying.

Friday, March 15, 2002

I am Jack's red neck.

1980-1989: Korean.
1989-1991: FOB.
1991-2002: Wannabe-white boy.
2002- ? : American.

I attended the Oath Ceremony today, and now I'm officially a U.S. citizen. It was at the LA Coliseum, right by USC. It was cool since it was my first time there, except for the uh, naked statues outside. Not cool. There were almost 4000 (!) people there, and that was the second one that day! That means almost 8000 new citizens, just from today. Wow.
The whole time I was thinking how I was over-dressed with the tie and everything, since most people were in normal everyday clothes. Come on people, I thought this was supposed to be IMPORTANT.
At least nobody was in sweats a la Adrian.
So now when I say that I'm white, it would only be a half-lie since all Americans are white. Right? Roite? I don't care what you say fool! I'm white!
In the end it doesn't even matter . . . at least in FFX.

They do not get together, so dang sad.
Dude, you just gave away the ending.


Who cares. No one else has played it anyway.
I have the ending movie on the comp, so if you're interested in seeing it, "come on ova, come on ova baby."
Oh and I also have this music video of "In the End" (one of the most overplayed songs on the radio) with movies and clips from FFX. The lyrics actually fit this game nicely.
FF X has the worst ending. It is sad, those two should have gotten together at the end. That would have been dope. I hate that ending, I've said it once and I will say it again!

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

I am Jack's big ass elf ears.

I've been listening to a lot of Third Eye Blind lately. It's weird 'cause they're really pop-y and not really alternative at all. You would think I wouldn't like them, yet for some reason I started listening again to all of their songs I have.
Sure they're catchy and all, but the lyrics... wow.

These lyrics are GOOD.

Really good.

Why didn't I notice this before? Prolly 'cause of the freakin "do do do's" that latches on to your brain when you hear "Semi-charmed Life."
Speaking of that song, did you know that song is about drug addiction? Did you? Can you just FEEL the irony? That happy-happy-joy-joy song is about DRUGS. And he sings "do do do" all over it.
Dude, I love this guy.
yes memento was a great movie.......
mind boggling i would say....

i do have a life >:)
mu hahahahhaha

its been a whole week since i've updated my blog
mu hahahahhaha

i'm glad britney got peed on
hehehe she deserves it waking people up to her voice.... wut a nightmare for those poor residents... ;)
Story of the Day: Britney flees for cover... from URINE. "She's a brilliant singer" he says. And I'm a ballroom dancer. Get off the crack buddy.

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

I ma s'kcaJ etnafrenob

otnemeM si a taerg eivom.
I evol seivom taht ekam uoy kniht.
dnA uoy wonk s'ti a repeek nehw ti steg retteb eht dnoces emit dnuora.


fI uoy edam ti siht raf, snoitalutargonc.
uoY tsum evah on efil, ekil em.
t'nsI siht gniyonna?
nehT yhw era uoy llits gnidaer siht?

but ju're not Jack, ma fren.
ju are bonerfante

so wat'd you do today di?
thanks fer askin
i sat in front o the friggin computer all day
editing and re-editing my group paper and makin its
friggin long bibliography.
one paper down,
1 exam, 1 paper, 1 presentation, 1 lit review, and 1 assignment to go.
jessss baby.
jus wanna say
good luck on all o yalls'
friggin finals, exams, papers, etc.

(hehe, feels like i jus turned boner's blog into dijon's blog- go me, go me)

Monday, March 11, 2002

I am Jack's bruised thumbs.

1:12 AM - Final Fantasy X, beaten.

I hate that game. The last level is just hell to go through. Oh and don't get me started on the last boss. That game made me throw the controller in disgust more than 10 times this past week.
The ending was ok. Not GREAT, but not bad. Kinda sad actually. Adrian hated it. Doesn't matter, he's not the one that played that stinkin' game for 38 hours.
But it's finally done. It's over. I'm happy. I never have to play that game again.
oh yeah~!
i forgot to tell you
I SHOT MARK today~!!
it was mighty fun :D
and you LOVED every moment of it~ ^^
thanks boner!!
i shall look forward to torturing you once more...
rest well dear friend
till tuesday

Saturday, March 09, 2002

I am Jack's complete lack of energy.

Sero is the biggest paranoid android, evar.
I stayed till 2 AM (!) at church to help her with her computer stuff:
1. getting the keyboard to work.
2. getting the dust off the insides of the computer.
3. backing up her pictures. which led to...
4. installing AOL to email herself the said pictures.
5. backing up her EMAIL. That's right folks, she wanted to save the emails. All 700+ of them. "It's my life!" she said. "Someday when I'm old I'll read them all" she said. "I kill you" I said.
6. online shopping for notebooks.
7. deleting all sorts of files and junk that she was afraid someone would find out about. Hmm.... what is she hiding?

By the end I was deliriou5(?), and played with a pair of scissors for my own amusement.

Friday, March 08, 2002

hmmm. on second thought... i mite be too scared to execute my operation.
i don't know why i thought i could be so bold.
it's your scary noon-bbeet...
that Look of Death that will stop me dead in my tracks.
i really liked that sarcastic message that u blogged back.
always always, i laugh when i am here at A Boner's Thoughts.
heh heh heh... byebye!!!

I am Jack's complete lack of sympathy.

I'm going to be blunt.
This woman deserves to go to h-e-double hockey sticks.

Thursday, March 07, 2002

hi.. this is susan cho.. yes.. the one and only.. bigfoot reporting for blogging.. haha.. i dunt get this whole blogg thing? so its just like email but posted for all to see? gayness..hahaha.. sophomore class grls' one is cool though..hahha.. anyways.. wanna knoe some crassie stuff guys.. susan cho got food poisoning this week..yes that's rite FOOD poisioning.. how can the one thing i hold so dear and precious betray me and poison me.. its like what i love tried to kill me! ahh..haha.. im being gay.. i just came onto this blogg thing to see wat ppl rote.. didn't get it.. but now i do..soo i shall go now.. adios mis amigos..bigfoot signing off

I am Jack's smirking sarcasm.

Danger? I smirk in the face of danger. Hmph. See me smirking?
Alrite, since you've been kind of enough to warn me beforehand about OPERATION AFFECTION, I shall take heed and prepare myself by honing my catlike agility and start up Operation: Run. Like. Hell.

"I will leave no one. (5 minutes later) Behind. (another 5 minutes later) So help me God."
hi boner...
u know what would just be the cherry on top of the ice cream sunday that was your best. week. ever???
me: smothering u with affection.

hmm. i will approach u like a panther on friday. then pounce! ahhhh, hugs and adoring words...
if there is no opportunity then, i will execute the plan on sunday...
OPERATION AFFECTION! beware. be scared... don't run. there's no place to hide.
MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! please don't blog a sarcastic reply back... that will only get you into deeper danger!!! >:D

Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Dude, God loves me.

Our instructor for tonight's class (Police Report Writing) didn't show up. We waited for about 15 minutes then took off.
So, no class.

Best. Week. EVAR.

i like your rap, doojin...
it made me laugh...

hello boner.
yes. u are scary.
it's ur noon bbeet.
so withering.... as in: "he gave me a withering stare, and i was scared"

hmmm... byebye!

Tuesday, March 05, 2002

OH dooj POOJ in the house like furniture getting down like.........grass. WERE GUNNA BE BUFF BONES!! argh argh! can you FEEL THAT?! i hope not hahhaha geeet down geeet down!
dijon in da houz~
(woop woop)
i was jus blog hoppin an decided to peek in.

...k peeked enuff.
keep it real kidd, latez.
7:00 PM - beginning of class (Econ)
7:50 PM - end of class

2 hour 30 min class cut down to 50 min = happy Boner.
My week = so far good times.

PMS = Groovy.

Hmm... this is not the first time someone has told me that they're scared of me.
I don't look scary.
I'm scrawny.
Is it my zit?
(which one?)
hi there boner...
how is your week so far?
mine was not so good...
i was pms-ing and trippin out...
ahahaha, i know, too much info.
but i like to gross u out...

hmmm, haven't seen u in a long while.
haven't talked to u in a long while.
i'm scared of u, u see.
so i just talk to u on ur blog.
har har har...

have a nice day!!! eat something good for you!



Monday, March 04, 2002

Good Times.

A sign posted at the door of my CIS class: "CLASS DISMISSED"

Write a column...? I can make money off of that? A lot of money?


What would I write a column about...? Myself? That's boring. Politics? Ditto. Movies? Hmm... Music? Yeah! I can write a column for the Calendar section in the LA times.
Wait, that would take talent. And effort.

Forget it.
what i meant, if u didn't know...was:
i like...your blogging! it makes me laugh. write a column. u'll make some money. then buy me presents! heehee. no, buy yourself some healthy good food. yes, that'll make me happy, yessir...

Sunday, March 03, 2002

i like
Empty brain
So I'm sitting here, trying to conjure up some words to write for my daily entry... yet I can't think of anything. So THIS is what they call writer's block, eh?
Good times.

Wait, I sense some activity in the brain.


Sunday Bloody Sunday
Church was... interesting. The guest speaker seemed like a nice guy, but I just couldn't focus without his accent getting in the way. Now I'm learning to appreciate Kim JDSN's semi-fob accent and his huh's and yeah's and his occasional voice cracks.

Special Music
Shout-out to Brother John and his "band." Good job guys. That was a very nice song. It would have been even more impressive if he actually wrote the lyrics, but hey, who else has written a song?

Special Music, part deux
Hmm... that reminds me. Whatever happened to that mission-fundraiser-concert-skit-thing you were planning out Adrian? Is that cancelled? Or needs more planning?
HAHAHA!! I just remembered. Adrian planned to do some Linkin Park songs for that. Oh man. That would have been hilarious. Well, amusing at least.

Summer can't come soon enough. Me and Dooj have been working out, so we can be BUFF for the Summer, and get all the chicks at the beach. So far, no good. Buffness doesn't come so easily I guess. Well we still have like 4 months left, so there's still hope.

On second thought...
Hey, Dooj beat Dustin in armwresting today! So maybe it IS working.
the whole world is asleep.
my head is full of koine greek.
my eyes are bloodshot
and michelle won't stop taking about body solutions.
i need the beach...
crashing waves, salty air, warm sunshine...
roll up my pants and catch some crabs :)

and famished... >:d
i'm sleepy... XP

Saturday, March 02, 2002

It's 1:20 PM.
I just woke up.
Adrian's still out like a zombie.
I need food.
I need food NOW.
No cereal.
Teaspoon of milk.
No water.
I gotta go to the market.
But I can't go without having breakfast first.
What about second breakfast?
Ahh... the daily struggles of life.
Good times.
oing oing... great SAT vocab there dan spam
I AM The MAStEr of BALLROOM dancing now
I CHALLENGE YOU~! pu hahahahahha
by the way... i saw a ghost today... LOOK at my blog for further details... :(

Friday, March 01, 2002

Boner dancing? Ballroom dancing?
Nice nice
Ya know, if I wanted to, I could be a ballroom dancer. No really. My uncle is an instructor, so I could get free lessons.

But, dancing vexes me.
I'm terribly vexed.
you get off urself.... i dun need to~ pu hahahahahhaa
yes ballroom dancing daniel~
jealous??? i thought so~

i'm bored.

I GOT A STINKIN COLD~! my nose if plugged... gotta blow my nose like every other minute... my eyes are watery ... my throat hurts...

this sucks


Good times.'re just like your sister...

Sorry about that, Chun sisters. It's just so tempting to say that when you guys won't GET OFF YOURSELVES.
that is all......
you know i'm going to the queen mary today to get sophisticated~
yea :) like i'm not refined already
muhahahaha >:P
have FUN riding the snow guys.... i'll be ballroom dancing instead~ OING

My Bible has no cover. It is better that way. It is like a chameleon and it adapts to its surroundings. You've seen my Bible!

it's a thin line between love and hate~ (I disagree, hate is not the right word)

I still cannot get over the laundry thing. Highway robbery! shadddddddddy

HAHAHA I forgot, I lost my bible. And I forgot to borrow one from church. And I can't find Adrian's. Hmm... I don't think I've EVER seen his bible. Curioser and curioser...
So what to do? Bible ONLINE of course! Ahh, computers. Another reason to love 'em!
"And now, we RIDE."

Ok it's almost 2 AM, and I'm about to start reading the bible. I have to catch up on Psalms for small group, and what the heck, it can't hurt, right? There is no wrong time to read the bible, is there? "The nighttime is the right time."


Dude it's been awhile since I've done this.
Sorry Big Guy.
Better late than never.

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