Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Dude, I love wrestling. What? I used to be really into it when I was a kid. What? With Hulk Hogan, What? Andre the Giant, What? Macho Man, What? Big Boss Man, What? Legion of Doom, What? ahh those were the days. What? Well, wrestling has changed somewhat since those days. What? One of the most popular wrestlers these days is "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. What? I think he's ok, but he's gotten kinda annoying recently. What? Ya see, he came with this catchphrase. What? Yeah, that's it. What? That's the catchphrase. What? That. What? You just said it! What? Dude! What? Shut up! What?
Anyway, since he's been saying that catchphrase, What? yeah that one. What? Argh! What? Now people think it's funny to say "What?" everytime Steve Austin comes out. What? They say it after every single sentence! What? There's nothing more annoying than hearing over 10,000 people say "What?" after every sentence. What? And now it's gotten to the point where they say it after every wrestler speaks! What? When it's not even Steve Austin! What? That's so GAY! What? I said that's GAY! What? I'll kill you! What?

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