Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Thoughts with Junior

hey jr. u're beautiful...except your leg. i'm sorry...it hurts me as much as it hurt you...seriously. so...how was today...yea..sorry, it's not fun being stuck in a bathroom w/ no oxygen all day. well, it beats being outside being covered in fleas and ur poop and pee. i know...mom really likes you, don't be scared of her. it's ok...all my friends are scared of her too, but she really likes u. haha...did u know she wanted to shave u? o man, my friends will really make fun of you...call u a rat for sure, but u're not. u're awesome dog...i mean fantabulous. yea...school was ok...my eyes were puffy, but it's ok...cuz no one really noticed except sena. sorry...really, i am, i'll do my math homework this time. i promise...fine...u know, and i know i won't...it's too late...u understand, gotta get my beauty sleep. u always do..that's why u're so beautiful. well, i won't let mom shave ur hair. it's too soft...especially after you take a shower...haha..don't run around like that...and my blankets! don't get them wet...do it in minsoo's bed. it's ok...he'll yell at me. and if he hits u, i'll hit him. haha..i got ur back, u got mine. ahh! how many times did i tellu? no licking. it's gross, u don't know hwere ur tongues been, well, i know..and u know..but u forget it's ok..cuz i know i'm irresistible...ahah..u too..ok ok. well, no one today...unusually isn't it? haha..it's ok...he'll come one day...stay here and sleep...i'll come back.

Note: if u didn't know, jr's in reality (reality check) my dog. she's also my daughter, sister, and best friend. daugher, i love her like a mother, sister, she's there for me to talk to her of everything..and won't tell a soul. best friend, she's great...great laughs.

do you think i'm crazy? if i ask that, i wouldn't be...rite? cuz...i don't htink crazy people know they're crazy. well, i think some people think that i'm crazy...but i ask them..and they're sarcastic at first...but i seriously ask them...and they say know..but i wonder...and do they think i'm crazier that i asked them that? oh well.

Note: when i talk to Jr., i talk to myself, her, and God...but in a way....it's like to all three...u get wut i mean? awesome..i mean fantabulous...if not...u ain't cool to be weird!

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