Tuesday, February 26, 2002

"That's the Problem!"

"That's the problem!...Well that's the problem!...You're the problem!....I'm the problem!..." "if you invite your friend to go to church and he says, i can't. an du ask him, 'y not?' and he says, 'that's the problem! i dont' have a car!' and u say y not? and he says, 'that's the problem! my parents aren't making enough money so they can't afford a car for me! that's the problem!' then u say, 'well, i'll give u a ride then.' and he says, 'well, that's the problem! my parents don't want me to go to church!.'"....."we gotta stop looking at the problem, and look at the solution. There's this man in the Bible named Jabez. Do you know what his name means? 'That's the problem!' his name means pain. his mom named him the problem. but he didn't grow up living his life thinking 'That's the problem! I'm the problem!' he lived his life asking God to help him, bless him, enlarge his territory and so on. And God blessed him. if you look at the problems, and you think you can't do it, 'that's the problem!'. you gotta stop looking at the problem. you gotta stop saying 'that's the problem!...well, i'm the problem!....so that's the problem!" and start thinking about the solution, God, the problem-solver. If you think you can do it, you can do it! i am reminded of a verse in Phillipians that says, 'i can do anything through Christ who gives me strength." That is what the devil is scared of. he's afraid that we know we can do anything through CHRIST!. he's trying to bring us down and we think, 'that's the problem!' but we dont' think how Christ can help us with anything. Christ can help us in anything, if we just believe in him!. so today, start thinking about the solution instead of thinking 'that's the problem!' let's pray."

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