Friday, February 22, 2002

Note: oh yea..i forgot...but about my "drug dream"...i've had that since....kindergarten???i went to korea and i was super super sick...well, i wouldn't say sick..i dont' know wut it was..maybe it was the flu..but i dont' know wut that was...well ne waize, my head was super hot..but it didn't hurt...i was just really tired..i dont' really remember it..i mean come on. it was quite a long time ago. but i remember my mom and aunt came to check up on me (separately) and their heads got big and small, big and small. it made me sooo dizzy..and that still happens to me once in a the other things i mentioned...oh yea!!! and another important thing i forgot..this image w/ a needle in a giant marshmallow comes up too. it hurts me mentally, but not really..i don't's hard to's weird cuz i never told this to ne one...oh and there's the running machine..i don't remember that one...but something about it...and i get real dreams like every 2 years at the special amusement park..and i fight the bad guy at the tower or wutever? i don't remember..but it's scary. and i remember when i was sick, my sister came in the room and she laughed at me cuz there was a wet towel on my head. =( (long note..sorry)

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