Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Hi Dee Ho, neighbor!
Where's that little rat? I'll bring my own buzzers, and shave that little........rodent. Junior.....I'm COMING TO GET YA!!!

Tee hee...just kidding. I wouldn't shave a dog that has no soul. Oopsie...I said too much. Sorrie. Tee hee.

Ok ok...maybe it DOES have a soul, probably a hell spawn.

Ok ok ok, maybe I'm a bit wrong about the hell spawn thing, it'll probably be cooked down there in hell anyways. Hmmm...

Anyone wanna get some PHO? Not much meat though on that little sucker, but it's better than nothing...LET'S GO!

Junior...I'll see you REAL soon! Muhahahahahahaha!

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