Saturday, February 23, 2002

Here's all I remember from reading Heidi's long posts:
Drugs, secular, needle, puffs, weird, coffin, dizzy, eat junior, slice belly, me stupid, awesome, fantabulous, drugs, dizzy, needle, scary, sick, towel.
That about sums it up of what I remember reading from your posts, Heidi.
What kind of sick dreams are these? You need help. Until then, I'm gonna have to "take care" of Junior when you get help. Don't worry, I'll take REALLY GOOD care of her. Free of charge.

I pretty much forgot about the rest of what you said. Just those words were kept in my mind.

Then I read Daniel's post of his near accident with his car. And THEN, last but not least...Small Fry returns and says, "burrito?"


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