Friday, February 22, 2002

Drug Dream

alrite's og only for boner (ewwww)...ok. there i was lying on my the dark. i'm listening to the radio, but with my headfones cuz my dad'll knock on the wall that connects us to lower the volume (hate that! so annoying!) so ne waize...after the little debate today on secular music, i decided to listen to Christian stuff....well...haha..i didn't listen to was like the preaching guy. so i don't know what station he's in so i go all the way down, but dont' find him and go back up and he's right next to power. (great!) so i'm trying to listen to him and get some great advice on life and get some guidance from God....but i can't focus. SOMEONE i won't name asked me to teach her dance moves (haha..but it would be fu ! =) ) so...i'm thinking of the dance i learned in dance class...but the person (me) i imagined turns into this weird needle guy w/ marshmallow puffs around him...kinda like a cell, but when he (where'd "he" come from? "he" derived from me! a she!) ne waize...when he turned around...he would be thinner than a paper. like when calvin imagines himself as 2 was sooo weird. i felt it..but that thing wasn't me..although it was..and it made me feel all weird inside. and then my eyes were closed ( i think) but the room was getting big. it was all dark...but not cold. like i was stuck in a coffin...but not hot...but there was a lot of room, i was smack in the middle of it, but i was also at the bottom right hand corner in my perspective...and i felt weird....and then the room got all dizzy. i hear someone talking about how Jews are only saved and not the Gentiles, and i'm thinking...who's saying that? and the room gets more dizzy, i'm trying to focus...adn someone's saying how you gotta be a Jew to be saved...and i focus...try to...and it's the man in the radio. i'm like what the heck...and i turn off the radio, and come here to type this. i ask my mom to go to park's tomorrow for christian club and go to the shelter thing and spread about man in the radio did inspire me.

Note: pac man..u eat junior...i slice your belly! u ain't a grandma...u a wolf! u take me as stupid? i see through ur disguise.

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