Thursday, February 28, 2002

I'm not a smart boy, and I don't know what love is.

Wait, so you've been in love?!?! With who?
Do share!
Blah blah blah...
Because of the fact that you're a girl, I'll let that one slide...
Tee hee...oopsie. I said too much...uh oh...
enough of this "she a girl" talk
and i'm talking to you too boner >:
don't ya know???
it's a thin line between love and hate~
if you've ever been in love, you know what i'm talking about.
if you've never been in love, i wouldn't talk-- >:P

Didn't she hate ping pong almost a week ago?
Oh wait...almost forgot. She's a GIRL! AishH!
ooooOOoohH and guess what??
i beat john <--- he's my archenemy if you don't remember
two games in a row baby~!!
i'm baaaack~!! :D
max payne in 3d--
he got some niiiiice moves~
i shall try em out next time :)
Spying on Junior

Junior, the greatest. it makes me happy when she's happy. but she's not happy these days cuz she has to live outside. she's shedding. but whenever she hears my voice, she starts crying. and after a while, she slows down, and eventually starts to howl. i love it when she howls. so i go to my mom's room and spy on her through her door to the outside where she is. then i spy and watch her point her nose up and howl. awooooooooo! she's soooo cute! but sometimes, she sees me..and i run away, other times, i go out and say hi. haha. i love jr.

Link of the Day: Max Payne in stick-figure 3D! This is sweet. Go see it now. Even if you haven't played Max Payne, this kicks arse.

You can see more movies from this guy at his site. I recommend "Trying to Enter Crazy Sean's House", "The Hobo", "Kung Fu Gun Slinger", "Samurai", "Sky Dive", and "Use the Force."

"The Hobo" is the funniest.
I know it's stupid.
I like stupid things.
I'm stupid like that.
The Lamies

Dude, did the Grammys suck or what?
1. Lame performances. I'm looking at you NSYNC. Except Lance Bass. He rules.
2. Lame acceptance speeches. I'm looking at you Alicia Keys. And that guy from O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack. What the heck were you talking about man?
3. Lame omissions. Where's Weezer? Radiohead? System of a Down? Not even Incubus?

"The glass is half-full" moment of the show:
U2 won some awards. Deservedly so.
Adrian is happy.
I'm happy.
We're happy.

The show still sucked.
hey, anyone want to watch crossroads? yah?? hahaha.. jk..
no really... i'm just kidding..
anyways.. i just signed in something but some error happened so
i am writing in this again.. boo..
and it's really hot in my room, i have those halogen lamps so i'm dying..
i gotta leave my room.. so.. see ya.

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

"by george it works" -sebyul chun
HEY DORK~!!!! >:o 6 minutes is a VERY LONG TIME~!
hahahha by george it works~ pu hahahhaha okae ... hope you like my messages terrible friend... or acquaintance
okeee until next time... bbai~
dood how do u use this?? UCLA education does me no good :/
nice job there daniel cho....
can u be takin away from the country if u do something?
Whoa whoa whoa slow down there turbo. I don't want any crease. Period. I've had 'em on both eyes before and I looked pretty fruity.

And it feels funny.
Hmmm... is this right? Is the mic on???
Well, ...don't worry about the crease... I think... in time... you'll end up with both... It happened to my cousin a while back. It fuh-strated him too, but I think he got over it. I only hope the same for you, babe.
And you wanna talk about doom? How about staying at school till 7:30 for parent conferences... rrrrrrrrrrr
The Crease of DOOM

Holy bejesus, the crease is back. This time, it's on the left eye. Why does this happen? Is this one of God's hobbies? Tormenting Boner with annoying creasage in the morning? If you're gonna crease me, crease me on BOTH EYES!! Then I can at least look semi-not-retarded.

God's a funny guy.
Boner + Morning = Sleepy Grouchy Boner
I was supposed to attend this "oath ceremony" today (actually yesterday) so that I can be sworn in to be a U.S. citizen, alas, I slept through it. It's not like it was important or anything. Come on, gimme a break! It started at 8 freakin' AM!! That's ludicrous!!

Plus my alarm didn't go off. Stupid globe/clock. You reek of old faulty machineryness.

Hence, my quest to become a citizen for this outstanding country shall continue. Now I gotta work on this "waking up early" crap.
i love my heidi

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

"That's the Problem!"

"That's the problem!...Well that's the problem!...You're the problem!....I'm the problem!..." "if you invite your friend to go to church and he says, i can't. an du ask him, 'y not?' and he says, 'that's the problem! i dont' have a car!' and u say y not? and he says, 'that's the problem! my parents aren't making enough money so they can't afford a car for me! that's the problem!' then u say, 'well, i'll give u a ride then.' and he says, 'well, that's the problem! my parents don't want me to go to church!.'"....."we gotta stop looking at the problem, and look at the solution. There's this man in the Bible named Jabez. Do you know what his name means? 'That's the problem!' his name means pain. his mom named him the problem. but he didn't grow up living his life thinking 'That's the problem! I'm the problem!' he lived his life asking God to help him, bless him, enlarge his territory and so on. And God blessed him. if you look at the problems, and you think you can't do it, 'that's the problem!'. you gotta stop looking at the problem. you gotta stop saying 'that's the problem!...well, i'm the problem! that's the problem!" and start thinking about the solution, God, the problem-solver. If you think you can do it, you can do it! i am reminded of a verse in Phillipians that says, 'i can do anything through Christ who gives me strength." That is what the devil is scared of. he's afraid that we know we can do anything through CHRIST!. he's trying to bring us down and we think, 'that's the problem!' but we dont' think how Christ can help us with anything. Christ can help us in anything, if we just believe in him!. so today, start thinking about the solution instead of thinking 'that's the problem!' let's pray."
They are NOT kind! Especially to me!

I do agree tho, they do smell nice...
girls are soft and smell nice.
and they are kind, especially
(from what i've seen), to you.
u should appreciate,
u BONE head! j/p, don't
kill me. i didn't mean to be
so bbun bbun heh. aiyiyi!!!
Girls. Can't live with 'em. (silence)
"I love pingpong!"
"I hate pingpong!"
"I like him!"
"I hate him!"

Freakin' girls.
i hate ping pong!!
i played three games today and lost all of em!!!
ARGH >:(
i thought you were gonna tough me up~!!
come on dude, practice with me!!!
~15 minutes a week, ok?? ;)

Monday, February 25, 2002

From the depths of Hell...
So I'm at school, in my "Introduction to Personal Computer Applications" class. Basically it teaches you what a computer is, what it does, and how to use it.

This class is a joke. Especially for me.

I'm already done with the assignments. So I'm just sitting here. Checking the blogs...nothing new. Can't go on AIM...shnikies.


(30 minutes later)

Still sitting here.
What I saw on Sunday afternoon/evening...

Car is dusty. Dust and more dust inside. Then ping pong basement dust, and dusty ping pong table.
Then Daniel's house...de_dust
Then I go home...de_dust2
Dust everywhere!

Is his name Brian?
That Vegeta Hair guy...
"Youuuuu dirty raaaaaaaat. You killed my brother!!"
Freakin'. Our apartment is messy again. Why? 'Cause Paul, Solo, his friend (I still don't know this guy's name), and John came over and trashed it. Thanx guys. Now we got boba cups and pizza boxes and McDonalds crap everywhere. MMM good times.

Link of the Day: What's wrong with this picture?

Saturday, February 23, 2002

Link of the Day: Human Virus Scanner.

News of the Day: Man stabbed with swordfish.
Here's all I remember from reading Heidi's long posts:
Drugs, secular, needle, puffs, weird, coffin, dizzy, eat junior, slice belly, me stupid, awesome, fantabulous, drugs, dizzy, needle, scary, sick, towel.
That about sums it up of what I remember reading from your posts, Heidi.
What kind of sick dreams are these? You need help. Until then, I'm gonna have to "take care" of Junior when you get help. Don't worry, I'll take REALLY GOOD care of her. Free of charge.

I pretty much forgot about the rest of what you said. Just those words were kept in my mind.

Then I read Daniel's post of his near accident with his car. And THEN, last but not least...Small Fry returns and says, "burrito?"

lets eat burrito tomorrow? ne one down? for dinner around 6ish?
So I'm driving back home from church after the small group meeting and some hardcore pingpongin'. ("we'll only play for 15 minutes" she said.) I'm driving down Brookhurst, not far from church, almost at the Orangethorpe intersection (before McDonald's), and the guy on my left STARTS COMING INTO MY LANE. Now, it's not like he was ahead of me or anything. In fact, he was RIGHT BESIDE ME when he started changing lanes. Good thing he was slow, 'cause I managed to get out of the way in time to avoid a nasty collision.

Holy bejesus I was so flabbergasted I couldn't even honk. He obviously didn't check for cars before he started turning, and he didn't even put on the blinker. I think he was scared, 'cause he stayed far behind me after he changed lanes. I gave him "the look" (you know what I'm talking about) through the rearview mirror, and left him in the dust.

Forgive me Lord, for sometimes I can't help "the look."

Friday, February 22, 2002

Note: oh yea..i forgot...but about my "drug dream"...i've had that since....kindergarten???i went to korea and i was super super sick...well, i wouldn't say sick..i dont' know wut it was..maybe it was the flu..but i dont' know wut that was...well ne waize, my head was super hot..but it didn't hurt...i was just really tired..i dont' really remember it..i mean come on. it was quite a long time ago. but i remember my mom and aunt came to check up on me (separately) and their heads got big and small, big and small. it made me sooo dizzy..and that still happens to me once in a the other things i mentioned...oh yea!!! and another important thing i forgot..this image w/ a needle in a giant marshmallow comes up too. it hurts me mentally, but not really..i don't's hard to's weird cuz i never told this to ne one...oh and there's the running machine..i don't remember that one...but something about it...and i get real dreams like every 2 years at the special amusement park..and i fight the bad guy at the tower or wutever? i don't remember..but it's scary. and i remember when i was sick, my sister came in the room and she laughed at me cuz there was a wet towel on my head. =( (long note..sorry)
Note: yes! 11:11 pm...awesome! i mean fantabulous!
Note: woah..i wrote a lot!
Drug Dream

alrite's og only for boner (ewwww)...ok. there i was lying on my the dark. i'm listening to the radio, but with my headfones cuz my dad'll knock on the wall that connects us to lower the volume (hate that! so annoying!) so ne waize...after the little debate today on secular music, i decided to listen to Christian stuff....well...haha..i didn't listen to was like the preaching guy. so i don't know what station he's in so i go all the way down, but dont' find him and go back up and he's right next to power. (great!) so i'm trying to listen to him and get some great advice on life and get some guidance from God....but i can't focus. SOMEONE i won't name asked me to teach her dance moves (haha..but it would be fu ! =) ) so...i'm thinking of the dance i learned in dance class...but the person (me) i imagined turns into this weird needle guy w/ marshmallow puffs around him...kinda like a cell, but when he (where'd "he" come from? "he" derived from me! a she!) ne waize...when he turned around...he would be thinner than a paper. like when calvin imagines himself as 2 was sooo weird. i felt it..but that thing wasn't me..although it was..and it made me feel all weird inside. and then my eyes were closed ( i think) but the room was getting big. it was all dark...but not cold. like i was stuck in a coffin...but not hot...but there was a lot of room, i was smack in the middle of it, but i was also at the bottom right hand corner in my perspective...and i felt weird....and then the room got all dizzy. i hear someone talking about how Jews are only saved and not the Gentiles, and i'm thinking...who's saying that? and the room gets more dizzy, i'm trying to focus...adn someone's saying how you gotta be a Jew to be saved...and i focus...try to...and it's the man in the radio. i'm like what the heck...and i turn off the radio, and come here to type this. i ask my mom to go to park's tomorrow for christian club and go to the shelter thing and spread about man in the radio did inspire me.

Note: pac man..u eat junior...i slice your belly! u ain't a grandma...u a wolf! u take me as stupid? i see through ur disguise.
umm.... "move on to dijon"????
ayo, why you gotta be frontin, boi?
sucka, you best step down 'fore you hurt yoself
ya heard???
ain't you been told dat no one messes wid dijon?
(........cept suzie........)
btw, i'm so not good at this blog thing...
this is my third time writing this cuz i kept pressing the wrong thing...
Are you a girly man or a manly girl?

Tee hee...Shad up Pac. Don't be a gay.
You're mine, amazon. Then I can level up and move on to Dijonnaise.

Of course I don't know anything. I'm clueless.
am i the amazon being referred to here?!?!
@#$%7*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:P
eeheehee. u know what? my arm is just a mochi arm.
there is no muscle, just a load of CAN
beat me in arm wrestling!!! anyone can, even the
5th graders at bookplus academy used to. your goal should
be to beat suzie or diana. don't u know anything ~?
Sore Boner
My back has been sore since Tuesday, when I kinda pulled it during a workout. I thought it went away when I woke up this morning, but I felt it after I stood up. (sneaky back muscle - wait, what muscle?) And I felt it while I was working out today too. Yeah yeah, I've been working out. Someday, this skinny Boner is gonna be a big, bad, buff Boner. Or a skinny but strong Boner. Whichever. It doesn't matter really. As long as I can beat the Amazon in armwrestling, it's all good.

Thursday, February 21, 2002

how cute.
in light of this new info, i am neither confused, nor disillusioned.
rather, i am touched.
Actually, Amy calls me Dan. So did Annie. And Grace's mom calls me Danny, even though it sounds like "Denny" when she says it. She's cute.
u know what would be really weird?
if people started to call you dan. or danny!
i would be confused. disillusioned.
2 Words: Warcraft3 rules.
u da crazy.

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Yes, I ammm.
Wait a sec...YOU TOO!

WeeeeeeeOooooWeeeeOooooWeeeeOoooWeeeOooo!!! Kung POW!!!!
It's not crazy, it's da CRASY!!!

John, you sick, sick bastard.
this blog is too crazy!!!!
Hi Dee Ho, neighbor!
Where's that little rat? I'll bring my own buzzers, and shave that little........rodent. Junior.....I'm COMING TO GET YA!!!

Tee hee...just kidding. I wouldn't shave a dog that has no soul. Oopsie...I said too much. Sorrie. Tee hee.

Ok ok...maybe it DOES have a soul, probably a hell spawn.

Ok ok ok, maybe I'm a bit wrong about the hell spawn thing, it'll probably be cooked down there in hell anyways. Hmmm...

Anyone wanna get some PHO? Not much meat though on that little sucker, but it's better than nothing...LET'S GO!

Junior...I'll see you REAL soon! Muhahahahahahaha!
10 Seconds of Fame
Wow! I was mentioned on the radio! Diana managed to do a shout-out on KUCI (88.9 FM) last nite 'cause she knows the DJ (who is supposed to be "super cool")!!!
Sherry (the DJ) dedicated a song for me, but I forgot what the song was called. And she said it was to BONER!! Hahaha!! She said BONER on the radio. Gnarly. And she was talking about the name with another guy, and the guy said it was "bomb ass." Oooooooook guy. Anyway, that was cool. Diana, you da bomb ass, yo. No doubt, no doubt.

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Heidi, stop clone-posting!
Dang it, you're just posting the same post from your BLOG! That's no fun! Be original! Come on! Do iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! I'm hea'! Kiiiiiiiill me! Do iiiit now! Come on do iiiit!
Thoughts with Junior

hey jr. u're beautiful...except your leg. i'm hurts me as much as it hurt you...seriously. was today...yea..sorry, it's not fun being stuck in a bathroom w/ no oxygen all day. well, it beats being outside being covered in fleas and ur poop and pee. i really likes you, don't be scared of her. it's ok...all my friends are scared of her too, but she really likes u. haha...did u know she wanted to shave u? o man, my friends will really make fun of u a rat for sure, but u're not. u're awesome dog...i mean fantabulous. was eyes were puffy, but it's ok...cuz no one really noticed except sena. sorry...really, i am, i'll do my math homework this time. i promise...fine...u know, and i know i won''s too late...u understand, gotta get my beauty sleep. u always do..that's why u're so beautiful. well, i won't let mom shave ur hair. it's too soft...especially after you take a shower...haha..don't run around like that...and my blankets! don't get them it in minsoo's bed. it's ok...he'll yell at me. and if he hits u, i'll hit him. haha..i got ur back, u got mine. ahh! how many times did i tellu? no licking. it's gross, u don't know hwere ur tongues been, well, i know..and u know..but u forget it's ok..cuz i know i'm irresistible...ahah..u too..ok ok. well, no one today...unusually isn't it?'s ok...he'll come one day...stay here and sleep...i'll come back.

Note: if u didn't know, jr's in reality (reality check) my dog. she's also my daughter, sister, and best friend. daugher, i love her like a mother, sister, she's there for me to talk to her of everything..and won't tell a soul. best friend, she's great...great laughs.

do you think i'm crazy? if i ask that, i wouldn't be...rite? cuz...i don't htink crazy people know they're crazy. well, i think some people think that i'm crazy...but i ask them..and they're sarcastic at first...but i seriously ask them...and they say know..but i wonder...and do they think i'm crazier that i asked them that? oh well.

Note: when i talk to Jr., i talk to myself, her, and God...but in a's like to all three...u get wut i mean? awesome..i mean fantabulous...if not...u ain't cool to be weird!
Dude, I love wrestling. What? I used to be really into it when I was a kid. What? With Hulk Hogan, What? Andre the Giant, What? Macho Man, What? Big Boss Man, What? Legion of Doom, What? ahh those were the days. What? Well, wrestling has changed somewhat since those days. What? One of the most popular wrestlers these days is "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. What? I think he's ok, but he's gotten kinda annoying recently. What? Ya see, he came with this catchphrase. What? Yeah, that's it. What? That's the catchphrase. What? That. What? You just said it! What? Dude! What? Shut up! What?
Anyway, since he's been saying that catchphrase, What? yeah that one. What? Argh! What? Now people think it's funny to say "What?" everytime Steve Austin comes out. What? They say it after every single sentence! What? There's nothing more annoying than hearing over 10,000 people say "What?" after every sentence. What? And now it's gotten to the point where they say it after every wrestler speaks! What? When it's not even Steve Austin! What? That's so GAY! What? I said that's GAY! What? I'll kill you! What?
ooh gotta see that movie...too dang funny just watching the previews...its a MUST SEE... and i was suppose to go to the DC talk concert today...but guess what? no DINERO!?!?! cant they just have free concerts?
One Word Movie Review of the Day: Super Troopers = hilarious.
today was awesome :D
i went to the dc talk concert and
KEVIN MAX told me that i made his day~!!!!!!
if you don't believe me ask adrian or jane--
i'm soooOOOOoooOOOOOooOo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dude~ i love him!!! (almost as much as ping pong~)

Saturday, February 16, 2002

Link of the Day: very creative movie of Warthog jumps from the game, Halo. (some people have way too much time on their hands)
Go here and choose your preferred type.
Sero Sae-roh Seh-roe...I think I would have been better off saying those OTHER three words girls love to hear...


Just kidding...I stinkers! I don't play ping pong anymore. Maybe just once a year probably...


The following is not entirely well quoted, but it is generally accurate on what was mainly said. Please, proceed with caution.

Sero: I am so pretty...hee hee.
Guys: Oing??!?
Sero: What? I ammmmm!!!
Guys: No comment...

If there are any complaints from the previous, keep it to yourself, especially when your name is Sero...hee hee.
No you didn't tell me that people at your school call you "ping" and Denise "pong."

So, do they?
umm...why do u name it ping pong?
ahhhhhhhh~ :)
i think i'm in love...
i'm in love with Ping.
Ping Pong :*
who needs a man when you've got Ping?
did i tell you that people at my school call me "ping"
and denise "pong"??

hey~ lets play some more sunday after worship, ok??

and Pac Man-- i challenge you to a ping pong match
so i can officially kick your butt (unless you're really good)
so show yourself tomorrow~!! :)

Friday, February 15, 2002

Yes, even though there were some UNINVITED bums at our date last night, we managed to get some quality time to ourselves after you left. Good times.

And about that shabu shabu thing, what's so great about that stuff? I mean, it wasn't bad, but I certainly wouldn't line up for an hour like the people JDSN were talking about.
Sero, since it was Valentine's Day yesterday, there's three words I gotta say to you...


yesterday was valentines day :P
i'm like one of the three girls at talbot mdiv and
STILL no one wanted to be my valentine~!! >:(
HA~!! guys at my school
don't know what they're missing out on :P
geesh~ with all my good looks and charm ;D

you, on the other hand---
i hope you had fun on your DATE last nite daniel~
hehehe sorry for intruding on your romantic dinner
with YOU KNOW WHOooOOo~ ;)
and you thought i wouldn't find out-- MUhahaHAHA
you're a lucky man daniel~ not one but TWO dates
all in one nite... and they were pretty HOT :D
two thumbs up~!! you da man--!!
kekekekehe :P

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